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Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone System for Small Businesses

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An investment in a cloud-based phone system will help your small business succeed. Learn how and discover the benefits of VoIP services in this feature.
Effective communication in business improves employee morale, customer satisfaction, and operations. If you’re a small business, experiencing communication challenges will generate lower profits. However, investing in a cloud-based phone system can help your business thrive.

With the progressing technology, you can share information without using analog telephones. A cloud PBX uses VoIP technology to make calls through an Internet-connected device. You can drop about 50% to 75% of your communication costs as a small business. You don’t take my word for it – this is based on VoIP market research.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of cloud-based telephony? Well, read on then.

1. Low Cost
Who doesn’t want to reduce the operational costs of their business? Switching to a cloud-based phone system requires a minimal amount of capital. If you want to streamline communication costs, a cloud-based PBX is the best option.

Chances are, your business spends handsomely on international calls, add-on features, and other telephony options with regular phone service. However, with VoIP systems, you can enjoy all-inclusive service plans and free upgrades. The only potential capital investment to pay is the procurement of IP phones.

2. Reliability
Switching to a cloud-based phone system makes perfect sense if you want your business to stay operational even in a disaster. Natural disasters or cybersecurity attacks provide a negative economic impact on your enterprise. Can your small business survive these events?

You need an unfailing phone system to save your business from incurring losses. With a cloud PBX system, a consistent presence is guaranteed by the smooth operation of your cloud VoIP service provider. Your customer calls can be automatically rerouted, and the business can continue to roll.

A cloud-based phone system uses redundancy and depends on more than one outlying data center. Thus, if one call path fails, others will be available, and your PBX continues to work.

3. Scalability
All small businesses strive for growth. To expand the company, you must prepare for new offices, new employees, and more customers. Coincidentally, this also implies upgrading your communication system.

Upgrading hardware line cards on a traditional PBX may cost more than just a few bucks. Further, the process can take time, interrupting business operations. However, with a cloud PBX, you can add extensions in minutes. Your cloud VoIP provider is happy to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Undoubtedly, your communication systems can scale to meet business needs more easily with cloud-based phone service. Waiting for the service people to add a line or download a phone system upgrade is out of the picture—all the above-mentioned results in smooth business growth.

4. Improved Customer Experience
Customers drive revenue in a business. A survey shows that 93% of customers return to enterprises with excellent customer service. Every small business must have a top-notch communication system because it affects the customer experience.

If you don’t want to lose customer calls, use a phone system that allows consistent business presence. Thus, opt for a cloud-based system as it offers reliable service even during a disaster.

To sum this up: cloud-based phone systems for small businesses provide structured call routing and high uptime, resulting in an improved customer experience.

5. Unified Communications
A cloud PBX can streamline multiple business communications channels into one platform.

Many VoIP services offer Unified Communications as a solution for centralizing communications. You can make phone calls, hold video conferences, share files, and more as UC incorporates many services. Through this, business productivity increases cost drops, and communication barriers vanish.

Invest in a Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Business
And that is how a cloud-based phone system benefits small businesses. Communications technology is essential to a growing enterprise. So, consider investing in a cloud PBX today.

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