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The BBC have an excellent cell phone app on the iPlayer

Submitted by itemswow on Tue, 11/10/2015 - 17:30


The BBC have an excellent cell phone app on the iPlayer for that iPhone. it's ideal for catching on all from the highlights and also the banter surounding the large games, however the service won't be streaming live matches to cell phones, nor can they be showing all from the games due towards the split of World Cup coverage between BBC and ITV, but ideal for before match news.


To actually watch the World Cup matches live in your iphone, we recommend taking a take a look at TVCatchUp, this is really a pretty handy new service that streams a selection of UK TV programmes for your iPhone on the 3G or WiFi signal.Beware it's not a totally free app, TVCatchUp is really a website specifically focused around providing TV services for iPhone and iPad users, enabling streaming of 15 television stations including digital output like BBC3 and E4.


The viewing is fairly smooth with no fees unless you discover yourself outside a WIFI area, TVCatchUp is really a great way to create the matches shown on both BBC and ITV for your cell phone. Make sure that you simply're either connected to some WiFi hotspot or possess a data bundle however, or 90+ minutes of streaming content for your iPhone perform out giving your manager an awful rash once they begin to see the bill.


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