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Basic checklist for an engagement ceremony in UK after the pandemic

Engagements are special occasions for the said couple. It is an event that ensures a promise…a promise of forever. Because of this speciality, an engagement ceremony can be a private affair or it can involve families. In some cultures, it is just the couple who are a part of it. One partner makes all arrangements and pops the question to the other. In some cases, there are a few close friends and families involved and in other cultures, the whole family is a part of this. In the Indian culture, the engagement ceremony can involve the whole family of the to be bride and groom and some people may want to celebrate their engagement day with family members. Whatever the reason, if you are planning a ceremony after the pandemic in the UK, here are a few things you need to think about.

The proposal

The proposal consists of all planning you need to take care of for the actual engagement. This is the part where you get down on one knee and ask your partner to marry you. It helps if it is super special and romantic.


Pick out a picturesque location where you could pop the question. Lookouts, scenic lakefronts and a pretty natural setting make great proposal locations. The location is the single largest factor that can up the romantic score of your proposal. The prettier the place, the more romantic it can be. Plus, you would want it to be a special memory, right? So, choose the right location.


No proposal is complete without a ring! You will want to choose the perfect ring for your fiancée and make sure that it is to her liking. But because most proposals are supposed to be a surprise, you will need help with the design. Most jewellers can advise you on the types of popular designs – solitaire, pave and hidden halo engagement rings How the ring looks is important as your fiancée needs to wear it for a long time.


Think of the budget you want to keep for the ring. Engagement rings are a little expensive and having some money saved up is best. Moreover, your budget can help you decide on certain aspects of the ring, such as the metal, designs and gemstones to be used.

The celebration/ceremony

Once the proposal has been made, it is time to involve the family and friends. You can have the close group watch as you propose to your fiancée. This can be done discreetly so your private moment doesn’t feel crowded. But after the proposal, you can have a fun gathering.


Make a list of attendees for your celebration. Because this is right after the pandemic is over, you will need to make sure that you meet the government mandate with regard to the number. The venue must be such that it is equipped to handle the crowd with social distancing norms.

Safety measures

Hand out sanitizers and masks to attendees as this will ensure that they are safe. You could make sure that the food being served was pre-packed, to avoid chances of contamination while serving. The servers, if any, should also follow covid protocols in place.
The post pandemic world is going to be slightly different. It will be one where people are more cautious and aware. So, plan as per that. Ring options could be using lab grown diamonds UK your budget doesn’t permit natural ones. You could use that money as savings for future contingencies. But whatever the budget, you can make it a special occasion by planning well and planning right.