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Based on the aquawka statistic

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Van Persie Return Back Becoming an Invisible Man In this early morning, there was a match between Man Utd and Sandland. When at the 66th minute, all the fans cheered with warm applause for Van Persie took the field.Because they hoped Persie can help Man Utd to reverse like in the last season. But he disappointed us bacause he helped nothing in the first half resulting a defeat.From his performance, it seemed like that there was no influence on him of a new coach Cheap Fifa 16 Coins.


Based on the aquawka statistic, in half an hour, Persie only touched the ball eight times. And we can not see him in the field. It is not said that the other players didn’t pass the ball to him, otherwise he was very lazy for he was in the penalty area to wait for a ball come to him. But when he was on the field, all the players held back. So it was not easy to get a ball in the penalty area.Included the four minutes added time, Persie impressed us with only one shoot in his thirty minutes. At the 73th, Persie missed a ball when Phil Jones passed him a ball. But if he can do as well as in last season, he can grasp the chance.


Maybe it is because he doesn’t return for a long time absence, but in terms of his mental state, his excitement has gone compared to that when Moneys left Man Utd. So it has little to do with Moyes. From his now performance, if Persie become the team leader this season, fans would be discontented.If you want to know more about cheap FIFA 16 coins, please visit   Absolute Collision Crespo vs Fifa 16 Coins.