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Barcelona continued efforts in recent years

Submitted by fifaeasy on Mon, 11/02/2015 - 17:54

After 912 years, the Boston Red Sox, this American baseball team received a lot of funding their court title of "Fenway Park" stadium. This is the world's first examples of naming rights of the stadium, by naming the stadium or team, commercial organizations can get advertising effectiveness, the team can get an additional income. This model has already become very popular in the United States, in Australia, Japan, South America and other regions have also been popular. Familiar with Chinese football fans know, Super League teams are also sold the team title. However, in Spain, the sports world was not yet popular business title. Mallorca moment only Barclays Center Iberostar Stadium and Real Madrid basketball team is the title of the course.

Barcelona continued efforts in recent years, commercial development, stadium naming aspects of their natural desire to walk in the forefront of Spain. This summer the US line, to lead Barcelona Barcelona main  high-level delegation visited two of New York court, the Metrodome and Barclays Center. Barca hoping to learn the experience of the sale of the stadium naming rights, which bring additional revenue for Barcelona, ??so that on all sides to create "the universe of Barcelona."

Sell ??stadium naming rights revenue can bring a lot of money for the club. According to preliminary estimates barca, was named Camp Nou Barcelona will bring at least 20 million euros per season revenue. But after conducting market research, barca think Nou naming rights even more than 20 million euros. Bayern Munich and Allianz signed until 2041 naming protocol, each season, Bayern got 20 million euros in revenue. While Barcelona's influence does not lose to Bayern, so barca we hope to sign a period of at least 20 years, not less than 20 million euros per year sponsorship agreement and has been actively looking for potential sponsors.