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Bajaj Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw Full Details

The Bajaj Maxima Z auto-rickshaw is one of the best 3-wheelers in the commercial vehicle segment. This 3-wheeler is the best option for narrow city roads. The Bajaj Maxima Z auto-rickshaw is mainly used for public travelling purposes. The engine of this 3-wheeler is manufactured with highly advanced mobility solutions that provide excellent power output along with increased fuel mileage. This 3-wheeler is the best combination of power and mileage, so many fleet operators have complete faith in this model.

In addition, along with this information, we are here showing all the unique features and prices of this model so check out the section below.

Highlighted Points About Bajaj Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw

1. The Bajaj Maxima Z three-wheeler is designed with a 2000 MM wheelbase and 194 MM ground clearance.

2. You can get 8 HP power with the 1 cylinder and 470.5 engine in this model.

3. The engine of this 3-wheeler can quickly generate 24 Nm of torque which is best for many works.

4. It offers hydraulic drum brakes with parking brakes that prevent slippage and control overspeeding.

5. This 3-wheeler offers a Dry, Single plate clutch and Handle Bar steering that ensures quick and smooth response in the transportation works.

6. The GVW of this 3-wheeler is 790 Kg, providing super-maximum speed.

7. The kerb weight of this 3-wheeler is 460 Kg, and it has 8 Litres of fuel tank.

8. This 3-wheeler comes with a Chassis with a Cabin and a Day Cabin that ensure drivers' safety and comfortability.

9. The Bajaj Maxima Z auto rickshaw price range is between Rs.1.90 Lakhs* - Rs. 1.99 Lakhs*.

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