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Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Back pain has become a common medical condition affecting millions of people globally, regardless of age, profession, or way of life. Back pain that radiates from the neck down the lower spine can often be accompanied by discomfort, stiffness, or shooting pain. A person's quality of life may be severely compromised by it, which can range from moderate to severe and periodic. The best treatment for back pain is probably going to come from medicine, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.
There are several variables that might lead to the development of back pain, including both physical problems and lifestyle decisions.

  • Poor posture is considered one of the main causes, and it's more common in those with sedentary professions or extended hours of sitting.
  • Inappropriate lifting practices can cause pain in the back, especially when carrying big items. 
  • Sudden jerk in the back while playing sports, falling, or running.
  • Obesity, a lack of regular exercise, and smoking can all increase the chance of getting back pain by weakening muscles and placing extra stress on the spine.

The way that different people experience back pain symptoms depends on the underlying cause and severity of the condition. Localised pain or discomfort in the upper, middle, or lower back area are common signs. This pain usually becomes worse with movement or extended periods of sitting or standing. It can be mild and achy or severe and stabbing. In addition, there may be muscular spasms, stiffness, restricted range of motion, and, in more extreme situations, sciatica—a radiating pain that shoots down the legs. Back pain can also affect general well-being by interfering with sleep cycles, causing mood swings, and making it difficult to carry out daily routine tasks.
After a month of at-home treatment, most cases of back pain resolve, especially in those under 60. Many people, nevertheless, experience pain that lasts for several months. For long-term back pain relief, consulting a specialist and receiving customised treatment are crucial. In order to successfully manage and alleviate back pain, QI Spine Clinic uses a multidisciplinary approach and offers complete solutions customised to each patient's needs. Our treatment plans are based on the most recent developments in the field of spinal care and aim to treat the underlying cause of the problem rather than just its symptoms.
To correctly identify the underlying cause of back pain, a comprehensive evaluation is performed at QI Spine Clinic. A thorough evaluation of medical history, imaging tests like MRIs and X-rays, and physical examinations may all be part of this process. Upon determining the underlying reason, customised treatment regimens are developed that combine cutting-edge medicines with non-invasive methods to maximise results. Muscle relaxants may be helpful if painkillers are ineffective for mild to moderate back pain. To enhance the method of treatment, QI Spine Clinic provides a variety of alternative therapies. These may include chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and ergonomic counselling to improve posture and stop the recurrence of back pain. 
Patients also get a comprehensive list of tips & advice on lifestyle changes for better results. This includes diet planning to promote general spine health, ergonomic changes in everyday activities, and exercises to strengthen the core muscles. An injection of cortisone combined with a numbing drug into the area around the spinal cord and nerve roots may be helpful if previous treatments are ineffective for relieving pain that travels down the leg.
Back pain is a common ailment with a variety of causes and symptoms that can greatly affect day-to-day functioning. However, people may effectively manage and eliminate back pain, regaining mobility leading to a good quality of life, with the correct approach to diagnosis and treatment. Leading the way in innovative and expert spinal treatment, QI Spine Clinic provides individualised solutions to help people overcome back pain and achieve optimal spine health.