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Are Multiple Reports Relevant to Advisors Under Mutual Fund Software for IFA?

Through the multiple reports the advisors can easily identify the status of investor’s portfolio which helps them in forming decision for optimizing the funds of the clients. Every report has its own significance and fulfills particular need of the advisor which allows in instant delivery of the services.  The Mutual Fund Software for IFA ensures smooth management of advisors business that is possible through the platform offered by Wealth Elite which enhances the services of the advisors.  

  • Portfolio live valuation and status.
  • Fair value of profit and loss.
  • Quick transaction history at one click.
  • Generate business opportunity report.
  • Extract matured investment report.

Issues without feature

  • No fair valuation of funds.
  • Forming reports will be difficult.
  • Inaccurate status of present funds status.
  • No proper assessment of funds.

Through the help of all these multiple reports the advisors operations becomes easy and enhances the satisfaction of all the investors. The service quality also increases which improves the relationship between the advisors and the investors.  Thus the advisors should have the facility to develop such reports in an instant manner that reduces their burden and presents the results within few seconds.
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