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Applications of Material Handling Robots

Material handling tasks are often tedious, dull, and can be prone to injuries. Material handling robots will advance the efficiency of your line and increase the quality of your products, while keeping your workers safe.

  1. Part Transfer
  2. Packaging
  3. Palletizing
  1. Part Transfer
  • Though part transfer was once done entirely by hand, companies have now converted to robot part transfer systems as a way to save on labor costs and speed up production processes
  • Part transfer automation also increases accuracy and precision, which helps shops to create a better product.
  • Recent technological advancements in robot end of arm tooling and vision system are making robot part transfer automation even more attractive
  1. Packaging
  • Packaging robots are very flexible, by adjusting the EOAT a robot can complete any packaging process. The application specific capabilities of packaging robots have expanded with improvements to EOAT and vision technology.
  • Many manufacturing managers see robot packaging as necessity
  • Packaging robots offer companies saving on labour costs, as well as higher ROI with the increase in productivity
  1. Palletizing
  • Industrial palletizing refers to loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items to or form pallets.
  • Robot palletizing can be seen in many industries including food, processing, manufacturing, and shipping.
  • A robotic palletizer is able to handle heavy payloads andhave large horizontal and vertical reaches that allow parts to be palletized from varying distance.

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