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Before anyone's nose after my self-created

Submitted by jaywillen on Fri, 10/09/2015 - 23:35

Before anyone's nose after my self-created, stay at home David Freese Angels Youth Jersey parents Drama, let me say that I do not care what anyone says, and my stupid drama is more or less stupid than the drama of workers who have never followed the dress code , the boss who used his name, 10 years or rubber Clicker mispronounces in the adjacent cabinet. Now that I'm on my way, I have a bone to gnaw the profiteers of the park. Let me be more precise and to say that the problem was growing and did not create child created the problem; However, these parents are Mooching toys should not be shocked when their children thirty and still her food in the pantry of the parents. And yes, sometimes, I did this very thing. But I'm not thirty, and perhaps not to bring my mother toys for me to play with the playground.

Here's my beef. There are many parents and children who regularly visited the favorite park of the Monkey Boy. The park is beautiful. It has a majestic mountain scenery, magnificent desert landscapes and well done park equipment with plenty of shade. There are great biking trails and plenty of room to play a game of catch, or for your child in the neck breaking speed chasing a naughty rabbit run away from you. Here's the thing, when all the equipment look fabulous for an adult, a child, they have become rather indifferent. If you plan to spend a good amount of time in the park, it is best to bring things from home for your child to play how they want to play as something else without a doubt, what is there in front of them; especially when they see other children playing with toys. All parents who remains resting at home on a trip weeks Park to know to find a little peace and common sense that you (bring your own equipment) to BYOG. However, some parents like to count on other parents to put in the extra work. They are parasites; likely to bring the same people at school who do not take their own notes or their own beer.

My son and I cringe when we see Dee Gordon Dodgers Womens Jersey how they come, and for the record, I can not tell my son, I find these heinous people in the same way that I find disgusting Jersey Shore. Your children make a bee line for the sandbox area where the most prepared together parents. Her eyes are greedy, and I'm sure I saw at least some of the foam at the mouth. You go to a toy, long before their parents get there and you start as Black Friday. Suddenly the children who have made their own toys, to enjoy and play with in free fall are. They see how their parents with a mixture of fear and anger; Afraid that their favorite toy can be ruined or stolen and anger that these stinking profiteers have shown once again without toys.

Finally profiteers mothers present with their same tired story. "Oh, ask if it's okay if you play with this toy," or "I just can not seem to remember to bring your own toys." Liar! These people do not even try to remember to wipe the noses of their children, let alone bring a shovel and stinking bucket. I agree that children need to learn to share, but the idea of ​​sharing is that to a certain extent, they should both benefit participants in a kind of symbiosis. If a child wants to play with my son and his toys and sharing of benefits from the two of them; If a child wants a toy for my child, and then run with it for the next half an hour, but my child gets the short end of the stick.

To give most parents for the profiteers. They demand that their children make together against their will because they feel as if somehow well rounded them or they may feel intimidated, but I decided to take a stand. Instead of forcing my child to abandon his favorite motorcycle pint with Moocher size, I ask him if he wants to share. It's a choice, right? Profiteers give me a puzzled look, as if I asked my son to recite the quadratic equation, but that does not bother me. Sometimes my child did not, and other times, he says, that children do not play with her at his side. My son understands that sharing is a good thing to do, but that should not go without for a time, which supposedly will be fun just for the sheer sake of sharing. He also understands that if anyone has a toy he wants, the child has the right to share or not share. To share or not to share, there is no question, but a choice!