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All You Need to Know About Mahindra E-Alfa Three Wheelers in India - Specifications, Features, and More!

Get all the details about the Mahindra E-Alfa three-wheeler, including its top-notch features, specifications, and more.

The Mahindra E-Alfa Mini is a three-wheeled automobile that uses differentials for direct transmission. In March 2023, the company sold 27,979 units of this model, up from 23,880 units in March 2022. Here are the specifications and pricing for the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini:

* Electric auto-rickshaw with a Brushless DC motor of 1000 W
* Peak torque of 3.2 NM and battery capacity of 48 KWH
* Its wheelbase measurement is 2168 MM, its length is 2768 MM, its width is 995 MM, and its height is 1794 MM. It has 3 tyres to bring mileage of 90 KM / Charge.
* Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Price
starts from Rs. 1.45 lakh to Rs. 1.47 lakh.

Overview of Mahindra E-Alfa Cargo

The Mahindra E-Alfa Cargo is an electric three-wheeler with a battery capacity of 48 KWH. It offers a range of 80 KM/Charge, with a kerb weight of 400 KG and GVW of 780 KG.

The model can ride at its maximum speed of 25 KMPH. It has drum brakes that safeguard the driver and passengers from any mishaps.
Mahindra E Alfa Cargo Price
is Rs. 1.57 lakh - Rs. 1.60 lahks.