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Age undefeated beauty, older women's "French style" wear

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 07:37

In the impression of most people, French wind is more suitable for 30 plus light mature women, but as the saying goes, the age of invincibility beauty, to their temperament and figure is very confident women, even to 50 plus, can wear French wind a unique style, to show their own charm. Introduce some French wind collocation that suits older women to everybody today, each set is elegant to acme.
Relative to daily collocation, French style is very bright, let a person can lock at a glance, this and a few specific elements are inseparable.
First of all, let's take a look at what kind of items will be used in French wear for older women. There is one kind of item that is not very old, that is the shirt. Whether it is a young girl or an older woman, the shirt can be paired with a brighter style.
For example, this set in the picture is paired with a relatively loose white shirt on the upper half of the body, and French polo sleeves on the cuffs, showing a relatively simple, daily French style, which is more suitable for older women who want to try French wear for the first time.
Of course, the selection of shirts is not an easy thing, in the unique French wear, of course, the shirt is not our common version, whether it is the design of the collar, or the cuff, and even the color has a lot of ways to express.
First of all, the neckline. French shirts rarely choose a more regular neckline. The sloping neckline is more distinctive, which instantly breaks the monotony and tediousness of traditional shirts and shows a very bright watch.
Eyes like a shirt collar design, let a person see the style of the shirt at a glance, pictured here is a set of collocation of the upper part of the chose a more basic French shirt, shirt collarband adopts very classic lapels and v-neck, this way for most of the body are more friendly, especially is suitable for the older woman figure is a little small defects.
The second is the color of the shirt choice, the most simple pure color, this is the picture of dirty orange solid color shirt and blue jeans, on the wind restoring ancient ways is to add a hint of modern meaning, moments that make the whole outfit looks more leisure everyday, and loose version will also be able to meet the needs of the majority of older women, not only wear a basic French style, Can also show a trace of youth and vitality, especially reduce age.
It's rare to see a bright patchwork shirt in French, but most women will opt for polka dots and prints if they want to add to their ensemble.
First of all, let's take a look at the dots. Most of the dots blouse will choose a lighter background color to match the dark dots. This collocation can make the woman have the grace and gentler of the light color, as well as the small bright eyes of the dark dots.
Especially in the picture such light blue, and older women's personal temperament perfect fusion, easy to show the individual in the small mind.
Finally, it is the shirt with broken flowers. Many older women may feel that broken flowers are worn on their bodies. Will it be a little tender? At this point the choice of floral color is particularly important.
Like so clear shallow broken flower in the picture, not only won't show outfit tender, contain instead one all the more clear the effect that reduces age, lower half deserves a simple pure color trousers outfit, integral effect is lively do not break grace.
A V-neck and a wide top and narrow bottom are the basics of French shirts, but if you want to make your look more distinctive, you can also use some of the rarer designs.
Like this one, it looks like a simple white French shirt on the top, but it is easily tied together at the bottom, giving an older woman a relaxed and casual sense of liveliness.
In addition to the shirt, there is a single product more suitable for older women to create a French style, that is dress, dress tolerance to the figure is better, with the growth of the age, older women are also facing the crisis of shape, is to choose a more loose dress, easy to cover the shortcomings on the figure.
This is a shallow floral dress in the picture, v-neck and bubble sleeves cover the upper body of the flesh, the hem is very loose, and the waist line is outlined with a belt in the middle, figure proportion can be called perfect.
The neckline of pileup contains certain drape feeling, let older woman look more have lasting appeal, the color of gray blue shows the elegance that shows a woman and gentleness, the collocation of a dress not only foil figure, more show individual attitude.
If you want to match a French style, some accessories are indispensable, such as a simple knit dress with a shawl, the moment let the whole set of matching style has risen a few times, so that older women show the general tenderness of knitting, this is the temperament and experience to wear the gain.
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