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Accelerate your Business with Best Automotive PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China

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Accelerate your Business with Best Automotive PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China

Thanks to long-term partnerships with PCB manufacturers, suppliers of electronic components and OEM manufacturers from China, Expert solves the whole range of tasks for contract electronics manufacturing, from manufacturing printed circuit boards and purchasing electronic components to housing and final assembly of the product.

Kingford provides a world-class, one-stop pcba service for the automotive market, which includes PCB Fabrication and Assembly, Components Sourcing, IC programing and Testing service, as well as the highest level of quality and traceability to meet your unique needs. We offers the development of unique electronic devices and hardware and software complexes within the framework of R&D for the OEM market. Kingford understand the electronics market and guarantee the client that his device will meet market trends, occupy a niche and be in demand.

We constantly interact with the client at all stages of the project: from the development of functionality to the packaging of the device.

Your benefits of working with us
100% quality guarantee

Manufacturing in accordance with international standards and design documentation

Combined logistics

Individual selection of types and terms of logistics, which affects the final cost

100% reliable

Long-term and expert work experience. Five-stage final quality control

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Our Strict quality control system
We have always been specialized in the production of small and Automotive batches of PCB Assembly for the Automotive Industry production, and focuses on "prototyping and small masing production". We have IATF16949,ISO9001 ect, which control quality through SMT process, DPPM and IPC-3.

How we can do smt assembly for the Automotive

● Lead and lead-free soldering of elements

● SMD and DIP assembly

● Installing BGA packages

● Flexible PCB Mounting

● Mounting on aluminum plates

● Manufacturing of cables, cable assemblies and loops

● Assembling products into the case

Our PCB Assembly for Automotive products are widely used in the following categories:

Car VCU main control, Car video system, Car step control PCB Assembly,Car kick sensing PCB Assembly and Automative lighting ect.

Advantages of the service of developing a unique OEM electronic device
● The device is designed in accordance with the wishes of the client

● Economic efficiency

● Functionality optimized for a specific task or area of ​​application

● Promotes the formation of consumer loyalty to the client's brand

The development team interacts with the client from the stage of forming the concept of the device to shipment to the client. When developing electronic devices, we rely on: our experience, advanced technologies and sometimes even ahead of them, to create a unique product that satisfies the customer today and can be easily upgraded tomorrow.

● We clearly understand the market of electronic devices. The client can be calm, our development is reliable.

● Each project is preceded by a non-disclosure agreement.