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The 91 shot power is his crucial stat

Submitted by sellfifa on Sat, 04/23/2016 - 18:58

He’s that good.Oh and before I begin, his card says he’s 84 rated, but on LW he’s actually 88 in game as a consequence of his stats.Here’s the review:93 PAC: 10/10Blistering, I feel Fifa Coins everything above 91 is sufficient to outpace any defender if given a number of yards advantage. Bolasie isn't a different, once he’s through he’s gone, and zilch is stopping him. You’ll struggle a tad against pacey fullbacks (f*cking Walker) but at a later date when you have used to him you’ll depend upon your strength against those pacey ones, an issue that almost no winger has.81 SHO: 9/10By far the most important improvement with this card in comparison with others.


Upgraded bolasie with the exceptional 3 informs were all great cards, but missed the one thing: Shooting. This one is incredible. Longshots, 1v1s, weak foot, in the box - he scores everything.


The 91 shot power is his crucial stat - try to never finesse when shooting with him. He Cheap Fifa 17 Coins even scored 3 free kicks personally even tho his fk accuracy is garbage.