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8 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 12:50

Over a long time, email marketing has been one of the most efficient ways of generating revenue and converting existing customers into revenue and profits.

Email marketing allows you and reaches your audience at any time. It also provides you with a lot of data, which can be used to assess quality and boost— open rates, click-through rates, spam complaints, dropping rates, etc.

So, Now, Question is that how can you improve your email marketing strategy to get better performance?

Here are the 8 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Strategy:
1. Well-Designed HTML Emails and Attractive Plain Text Emails
2. Email Subject Line Should Be and To the Point.
3. Find out the best timings to send emails.
4. Segment the list of your emails.
5. Add Links of your Social Media Accounts
6. Ask for Referrals.
7. Attractive writing tone
8. Accurate Emails

• Well-Designed HTML Emails and Attractive Plain Text Emails:

Create well-designed emails especially, if you are an e-commerce shop, a discount brand, or a B2C business that offers highly visual products or services. It makes absolutely no sense to include photos in your emails

The problem with well-designed HTML emails is that they trigger the "Promotions" tab of Gmail, have a greater chance of triggering spam filters, don't look private, and are easy to mess up if you're not a designer (making the design too cluttered, colorful, or involving too many calls for action).

A plain text email has the main advantage that it feels personal. You have a real chance to build an authentic relationship with your reader if you're a good copywriter. In contrast, keeping out of spam and advertising directories becomes simpler by making the call to action (CTA) more popular in your inbox.

• Email Subject Line Should Be and To the Point:

Like the title in conventional copywriting, the only part read by most of the viewers is your subject line. When it comes to email, it decides whether it is relevant to customer concern or not.

Short subject lines perform better in Email marketing, but I don't think it's just because they're Short. It's because it shows what all email is about and if the receiver is interested in the subject line then you'll probably get the response.

• Find out the best timings to send emails:

The worst thing you can do is send an email to your contacts and presume that it will be read by everyone. You should experiment with different deployment times constantly.
Send the message early in the morning to half of your contact list and then set the remainder in the evening. See what one had the best indicators from there and then start playing with shorter intervals of distribution. For Example, if your open evening responses are significantly higher, split your next email into several different times at night to find the best time

• Segment the list of your email:

Segmenting your email list will help you achieve better open rates and prices of clicking. Your viewer considers your message more important by sending messages to targeted groups inside your database, which ultimately gives you better results.
Each list contains subscribers participating in various types of deals— discounts, news, and special events— segmentation helps you to send your subscribers what they want.

• Add Links of your Social Media Accounts:

To boost your overall strategies, there are other options to combine your social media and email marketing approach. You can use social media to increase to get more traffic. You will do this either by uploading to your followers something or by running an ad with a signup page.

• Ask for Referrals:

Nielsen reports that, when deciding whether to buy a service or product, 84 percent of people find feedback from friends or family the most trustworthy. Most people leave reviews only after having had a negative experience. When providing an opportunity, you can inspire your happy customers to recommend you.

Bonus Tip: Use a similar email strategy by giving 10% back to both the person who sent the referral and the user they referred to.

• Attractive writing tone:

You should write in a way that encourages and promotes action in your posts. You have to produce interesting, informative pieces of writing that are deserving of sharing. Make it interesting and story-based No marketing trick or magic code can compare with writing that's really good people looking forward to seeing it in their inbox.

• Accurate Emails:

Email marketing may create problems at some points and there's nothing more annoying than making an email deliberately for it to bounce back because you've got the wrong email address.

So, Use Find Email Address, to save you a lot of time and provide you accurate emails. In this way, you can focus on your progress.

Wrap UP:

When it comes to increasing sales for your company, email has so much to give, and with these tips in mind, you are already on your way to getting more from your email marketing campaign.

You can make email the most efficient digital marketing platform from information that you optimize to a daily mailing schedule for greater personalization.