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6 Genshin Impact characters that have gone the longest with no rerun banner

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One of the most popular aspects of Genshin Impact that keeps players always wanting more may be the unique characters that they'll obtain. Each new update usually includes new characters but additionally reruns of previously released ones for players to acquire.
While Genshin does give every five-star character banner rerun, a few of these reruns tend to be more common and frequent than the others. There are characters such as the five-star Anemo Polearm character Xiao that players joke should be miHoYo’s favorite due to how often he receives reruns but there are also others such as the five-star Pyro Polearm character Hu Tao who went more than a year with no banner rerun.

Whether it's based on their skillsets, rich storylines, general aesthetic, or powerful skillsets, most Genshin players have a minimum of one if not several favorite Teyvat characters. But because Genshin includes a gacha system, it generally takes players a great deal of time and an enormous amount of luck to obtain their desired characters.
Because of those many factors, players could find themselves wondering whenever a particular character they hope to recruit might become obtainable again. There is no way to predict exactly when Genshin characters will return, but Travelers may take into account which five-star characters have gone the longest without getting a featured banner rerun because they are the probably recruits to come back with an increased drop rate sometime soon.
The six Genshin Impact characters which are most due for any rerun
The listing of characters that have gone the longest without receiving another featured banner run will potentially change with each new Genshin update and will also be updated when needed. As from the Version 3.5 update of Genshin, the five-star characters which have gone the longest without getting a rerun are listed below.
1) Eula
The Cryo Claymore Spindrift Knight from Mondstadt happens to be the character that's most due for any featured banner rerun. Eula only has had two runs of her featured “Born of Ocean Swell” banner.
The first banner run, which was her official Teyvat debut, happened from May 18 to June 8 in 2021. Her second run occurred from Nov. 24 to Dec. 14, 2021, and she or he has been unobtainable since. As from the launch of the Version 3.5 update, Eula went 11 patches with no rerun. This means one entire year plus two along with a half months.
Many players believed that the Cryo character would finally get a rerun within the Version 3.5 update because it includes a Mondstadt event and Eula comes from Mondstadt. The update doesn't, however, feature her or other characters in the Anemo region whatsoever and Eula is becoming even more due for any rerun.
Leaks for that Version 3.6 update of Genshin have suggested that they might finally be getting a rerun when that update launches. Considering just how long it continues to be, this appears like a strong possibility.
Both the five-star Cryo Sword character Kamisato Ayaka and also the five-star Cryo Polearm character Shenhe were right behind Eula with seven patches for Kamisato Ayaka and nine patches for Shenhe as from the Version 3.4 update, but now they have been unveiled for that second half from the version 3.5 update, they passed Eula around the waiting list and left the Cryo character behind.
2) Klee
The tiny Pyro bundle of pure chaos may be the second character that went the longest without getting a rerun of her featured banner. Klee’s “Sparkling Steps” banner went six patches with no rerun using the last time she was available from July 13 to Aug. 2, 2022.
Although Klee is unquestionably among the characters which are most due for any rerun sometime soon since she's now a little beyond the usual six-month minimum, there happens to be no speculation regarding when she'll receive one. It is possible that they could appear in Version 3.6, Version 3.7, or one from the Sumeru updates thereafter, but it's also quite possible that they will not return until one from the Version 4.0 updates for that Hydro region of Fontaine release.
3) Kaedehara Kazuha
The wandering samurai from Inazuma is appropriate next to Klee in terms of just how long it continues to be since he received a rerun banner. Kazuha’s “Leaves within the Wind” banner last ran simultaneously with Klee’s from July 13 to Aug. 2, 2022.
This means the five-star Anemo Sword character can also be due for any rerun after awaiting six patches to get one. While Klee is not speculated for that near future banners, Kazuha has.
Predicting rerun banners happens to be the least reliable area from the Genshin leak community, but many within it have placed him as using a rerun sometime before the waves of Version 3.0 Sumeru updates ended. This would likely place him in Version 3.7 or beyond but he may potentially not return until early summer.
4) Zhongli
The Geo Archon of Liyue is next around the roster of characters that are most due for any return. Zhongli’s featured “Gentry of Hermitage” banner last ran from Aug. 24 to Sept. 9, 2022.
The five-star Geo Polearm character has thus gone five patches without another banner run. This means nearly 6 months which is usually the minimum quantity of time that players can get Genshin characters to visit before they move to be a potential rerun banner character once more.
Zhongli is a highly dynamic and powerful recruit that lives as much as his status as a god of Teyvat. Genshin also seems to become lacking in Geo characters, especially five-star ones, and Zhongli is the best character overall who wields this aspect in addition to merely being among Genshin’s best characters.
Because of how unique a recruit Zhongli is, many players might be waiting for that opportunity to add him to their roster. Luckily, many leaks have previously surfaced that seem to point out that he will arrive in a rerun sometime soon before the waves of Version 3.0 updates are replaced by those for the Version 4.0 Fontaine update that's arriving later this season.
5) Ganyu
The five-star Cryo Bow character Ganyu is appropriate next to Zhongli sitting at five patches since her last banner rerun. Ganyu’s “Adrift within the Harbor” banner happened immediately after Zhongli’s and ran from Sept. 9 to Sept. 27, 2022.
The Cryo archer continues to be waiting approximately five months for any rerun. Generally, players can get that miHoYo won't rerun characters until at least 6 months have passed. There have also, however, been many exceptions to this general rule meaning Ganyu is either due for any rerun soon or may receive one even earlier than players expect.
Ganyu is yet another character that has not surfaced whatsoever among leaks or speculation for rerun banners taking place within the near future. This may imply that it will be a while before the Cryo character returns to Teyvat once again.
6) Sangonomiya Kokomi
Kokomi’s last banner rerun happened alongside Ganyu’s and therefore also ran from Sept. 9 to Sept. 27, 2022. The five-star Hydro Catalyst character continues to be unobtainable for approximately five months and five patches which means that they are due for any rerun soon.
The Hydro character is among Genshin’s most versatile and helpful recruits because she fits well within just about any team lineup because of her dynamic Hydro skillset. She only has had three banner runs so far meaning many players have likely missed out on obtaining her but aspire to in the future.
While Kokomi is due for any rerun, she's not been one of the leaked or speculated banners for the near future at this time. But using the Hydro region of Fontaine looming around the horizon and Kokomi being among Genshin’s best Hydro recruits, it appears like a solid assumption that they will at least get a rerun before the region officially launches.
Fontaine probably brings powerful new Hydro recruits into the game which can make Kokomi a much more wanted recruit because of the double element bonus that players can acquire through elemental resonance. Thus, players can likely be prepared to see her return either in a later Version 3.0 update or maybe as the rerun banner alongside whichever new character may be the first one released for Version 4.0.
Beyond five patches, another character who has gone a while with no rerun spends time at four patches or fewer and therefore likely has a while to visit before they are on miHoYo’s radar for any rerun.
But given that they may progress when the next Genshin update launches or may suddenly appear before those who have been waiting longer for any rerun, players can always want to observe that the five-star recruits who have gone four patches with no rerun would be the five-star Anemo Bow character Venti, the five-star Hydro Sword character Nilou, and also the five-star Geo Sword character Albedo.
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