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The 51-year-old really knows how to dress

Submitted by blueandred on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 02:27

Many people may think that what they wear is not important to a woman in her 50s, but the opposite is true. The older a woman gets, the more she wears her clothes. After all, when you're young you can dress as much as you like based on your appearance, but over 50, how well you dress and how well you trim your body can largely determine how people perceive you first.
Especially for the height of the older women, more need to dress up. This time for you to share the 51 year old ordinary blogger Chen Pexue elegant collocation, height is only 1 meter 56, by collocation beauty elegant and beautiful, the 51 year old "sister" really too will wear, together to appreciate it!
First, raise the waist line and improve the proportion
Many people get old, in order to relax and comfortable, favor a variety of large items, in fact, these items are easy to pull down your own sense of advanced, if the figure is maintained well, then must know how to raise the waist line position, to adjust the proportion of the figure, and play to their own advantages.
The 51-year-old can also be seen in her outfits, whether it's a shirt, a T-shirt, a knit, wide-leg trousers, cropped trousers, shorts or a MIDI skirt, where she elevates the waistline by tucking in the hem or belt to create a shorter or shorter look.
In addition to further accentuating the shape of the body, this style will also stretch the proportion of the leg shape in the body, showing the height of the legs, friendly to small people.
For a 50-year-old woman who wants a more minimalist Look, try wearing a short-sleeved shirt or T-shirt with high-waisted shorts.
If white Bermuda shorts, high waist hot pants, street wear so, already cool and refreshing and comfortable show the state young.
If 50 years old woman does not have tall figure, with the aid of high waist line will improve figure proportion, it is the simplest and the best effect way, good operation, not laborious, applicable scope is very wide also.
Besides be used at half skirt, trouser outfit to wear take, still can apply in dress collocation, if choose to collect waist dress, also perhaps with the help of waist bring collect waist line, want to show temperament more than do not collect waist.
Two, the use of the same color, adjacent color method to show height
A 50-year-old woman who is under 1.6 meters tall can also use color to stretch her body, such as color or proximity.
The top is worn in the same or similar colour scheme to minimise the variety of colours and to enhance visual depth, making a 50-year-old woman look slimmer and slimmer.
But the main color is best from the base color or earth color, avoid high saturation color system.
3. Appropriately increase the exposed skin area
The way that can modify and adjust figure proportion, in addition to raising waist line and hue, still can be achieved by increasing skin area appropriately.
In this regard, we can start from these three aspects. Above all, with V collar, square collar or boat collar instead of small round collar, can extend the neck line to a certain extent, play a high effect.
In addition, using the v-shaped or U-shaped opening design of pointed shoes, flat shoes with skirt, can also extend the leg line to improve the leg proportion.
Finally, when creating a summer style with the help of MIDI skirt or high-waist trousers, it is recommended to give priority to the overlapping slit design and irregular design of the skirt style, appropriately exposing part of the leg area to make the legs thinner and longer.
For pants, Bermuda shorts and cropped trousers are a good choice.
Four, increase the design to reduce age
After the woman passed 50 years old, no matter tall short, dress should avoid old age, the single that uses superposition clever design appropriately tastes design, can break drab feeling effectively, have reduce age and add feminine flavour this double effect.
With edge of drape, lotus leaf, agaric, small fly sleeve, doll gets the clever design that perhaps bubble sleeve gives main, blend in modelling appropriately in, can add for modelling effortlessly sweet with nifty feeling.
But careful machine design should not be too much, it is best to put in the upper body, age reduction at the same time, can also make the dressing center of gravity.
No matter what time, for 50 years old women, the main elegant and intellectual mature age wind will not go wrong, such as ribbon design, V-neck design, or fish tail design, slit design, are to enhance the feminine edge of the weapon.
Summer is used appropriately, rich already dress level, highlight the intellectual beauty that belongs to elder woman again.
The element that gives priority to with wave dot, printing or broken flower, it is fashionable and elegant most, had their join in modelling, also can become more rich and colorful rise with elegant romance.Read more at:formal dresses online | plus size formal dresses