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How to obtain radio play for your song?

Do you believe strongly that your song should be played on the radio? Do you believe that your song could be the next sensation on the radio? Then it is not a difficult task to do. All you have to do is to get connected with the directors or music directors at the radio stations. They will promote your song using a combination of press releases, one-sheets, phone calls, and faxes. Then the stations that are interested in the song will play your song. So get connected with the team of professionals at now and submit your song!

But before we even begin with your journey in the music industry, you must first understand how the radio station works. How do they play any new aspiring musicians' songs on the radio? There are two sets of radio stations: commercial and non-commercial. Both work very differently with the new musicians.

The team will help you with the radio promotion, whether it's non-commercial or commercial radio. Non-commercial radio is the starting place for upcoming artists who want to get their music played on the station. College radio is very approachable to new artists. Whereas on commercial radio, it will be more like stacking blocks, as you will start with non-commercial radio to play your songs, then approach a small or medium-sized commercial station to have your songs played repeatedly. These radio stations would want to see your entire music career progress along with the radio plays.

The larger commercial music stations will judge your song by the ratings of the song that you have been able to get to the radio station, not only by the quality of its own. So the way to get there is to do the radio campaign! Their team of experts will help you with planning for the radio campaign that will run for at least 4 weeks. Starting from mailing out the CDS to all programme directors, receiving the feedback on your work and confirming any packages, and then again re-sending promos, receiving feedback and getting commitments from the stations.

You will be in touch with the programme director at the radio station. You will be kept up to date on market-related news, such as trade shows, sales, and so on. Then you can go ahead with the team and start working on the radio ads to promote your work even more. Finally, you will get the result of the art that you have produced.

So don't wait anymore! Connect with Live about Dotcom now and submit your song today! Let us hear what you have created. If you truly believe in yourself, we will get in touch with you and play your song! We will work with you on your radio campaign. And get you featured in the radio’s playlist everywhere!

If you are a person who doesn’t have a big budget to go on the radio campaign, then it would be ideal that we stick to the non-commercial radio stations, or at the maximum, to the small or medium-commercial radio stations, let your song ratings go up, and let the people admire your work. We can take it slow instead of spending a lot of money on a radio campaign, if that’s something that you wish to do.

So do not worry about how to submit your music for radio play, Live about Dotcom is here to help you with various opportunities and plans to work with. So submit your song to the radio station today! We work closely with you and your campaign to get you noticed by the world. Connect with us at