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Avoiding Mistakes in Choosing Hydraulic Cylinders

Submitted by indiadhf on Sun, 04/23/2023 - 22:23

When considering the diverse range of industrial machines and equipment that use hydraulic cylinders for mechanical force, it is important to note their ability to lift, push, pull and bend with fluid power. However, successfully selecting an appropriate hydraulic cylinder can present a challenge if the various types and specifications are unfamiliar. In this article we will discuss common mistakes made in regards to choosing the right hydraulic cylinder for your application and how to avoid them, beginning with the failure to fully comprehend application requirements.

Mistake #1: Not understanding the application requirements

A common error in selecting hydraulic cylinders is the failure to comprehend the particular application requirements. Every application demands distinct specifications with regards to load capacity, stroke length, speed, and operating environment. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly analyse your application and consult with experts, such as hydraulic cylinder manufacturers or hydraulic cylinder suppliers in India. They can assist you in determining the best cylinder type, size, and material for your application.

Mistake #2: Focusing only on the price

Another mistake people make when selecting hydraulic cylinders is focusing solely on cost. The price should absolutely be taken into account; however, it should never run the show. A hydraulic cylinder bought at a lower price might save some money in the beginning but later on it may cost you way more considering maintenance, repair or replacement. One must invest in a high-quality hydraulic cylinder and get it from a reputable Hydraulic cylinders Manufacturers India, which might be costly but will provide better performance, efficiency and durability.

Mistake #3: Neglecting the cylinder's design and construction

Tie-rod, welded, telescopic, and mill-duty hydraulic cylinders are among the many types and constructions available. Each design possesses certain pros and cons of its own depending on the application.It is important to consider the design and construction of the cylinder along with the material, seals and coatings used in the manufacture because ignoring it can lead to premature failure, poor performance or leaks. Reliable hydraulic cylinder suppliers in India such as Venus Engineers will give you proper information on the design and construction.

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