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Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd

Submitted by xiangzhi on Sat, 08/13/2022 - 01:32

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;Changsha Xiangzhi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of centrifuges. Our professional team engaged in R & D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service have been concentrated in providing our global customers with not only reliable products, but also satisfactory training, after-sales service, technical support and long-term supply of our products’ parts. Our company has already passed ISO 9001:2015; ISO13485:2016 Certificate of International Quality Management System and international safety certificate CE. The effective implementation of quality system guarantees the stability of product quality, reliable after-sale service.
Our clients have always seen us in uptime mode, the only thing that has remained unchanged since our inception. Trust that can never be quantified, with XIANGZHI centrifuge brand familiarity increased in the industry, There are 4 centrifuge assembly lines, which have improved the annual centrifuge production capacity from4000 sets to 9000 sets. We can develop new items according to our customer’s requirements, and will uphold this trust reposed on us and strive to deliver the best.
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