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LIB Industry

Supplier types:About LIB Industry
Xi' An LIB Environmental Simulation Industry manufactures and sells environmental test chambers since 2009, including design, manufacuring, as well as sales and service around the world. We are willing to promote “MADE IN CHINA” to the world together with the people.

Our complete production line, from cutting, sheet metal, welding, coating, assembly, inspection to calibration, there are rigorously trained technicians working in the industry.The annual ISO9001: 2010 system certification ensures the efficiency and safety of the production process.

LIB Industry;No.6 Zhangba First Street, High-Tech Area, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China 710065:
+ 86 (0)29 68918976
+86 187 0087 5368

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