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Voice Engineer | Description, Salary, Job Role & More

Engineers work with telephony protocols, such as SIP, TCP/IP, H323, QoS, etc. They evaluate existing capabilities and aid in planning guidelines to tap emerging trends in cloud, VoIP, mobility solutions and managed services.

Engineers develop, and implement policies, measures, and training plans for the administration of telecommunication systems. The devise a plan for and arrange preemptive maintenance and upgrades for equipment and software of voice systems.

Hire Freelance Cabling Engineers

What You Need

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Network Support Technician | Definition, Job description and salary!

The Network Support Technician should install and monitor network infrastructure. The professional is responsible for interconnecting the network infrastructure. They should have a good understanding to interconnect fiber and copper patch panels. It is the responsibility of the Network Support Technician to patch the copper and fiber to switches and routers.
Areas of Work

Hire Freelance Cabling Engineers

Deploying Palo Alto firewalls can be tricky, and that is why, as a business, you should think about hiring an engineer to take care of this for you. A Palo Alto engineer will be able to make sure that your firewall is up, running and secure to make sure that your business is safe. If you are looking for a service that can help you find the Palo Alto engineer you need, then look no further than us here at Field Engineer.
When You Need Them

Noc engineer jobs

NOC Engineers resolve any issues related to the servers, networks, and telecommunications by consistently troubleshooting and monitoring. The skills required for a NOC or Network Operations Center include network support, network administration, and management, switching and routing, along with Linux. Their responsibilities are extensive, requiring highly skilled individuals.
Core Responsibilities of the NOC Engineer

NOC Technician | Description, Salary, Job Role & More

Network and servers constitute the basic part of an IT infrastructure. Businesses hire NOC technicians for creating a centralized location comprising both servers and network elements, which they house in the same place to simplify both security and maintenance.
NOC technicians also check performances of CPU and how networks are performing. NOC technicians may have to put in flexible hours when the need arises.

Network Consultant | Definition, Job description & salary

The job role might fluctuate based on the requirements or needs of a company, but they commonly include hardware/software installation, server planning, and availability, disaster recovery, network globalization, and Datacenter network setup. The following are job responsibilities common in this position:

CCNA Wireless (Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless) – JOBS & Employment

It is the responsibility of the Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional to crosscheck the basic wireless network operation. The certified expert is responsible for installing and configuring autonomous access points. They should be able to describe the controller-based AP deployment modes. The professional must administer wireless guest networking. They also take care of the basic configuration of Wireless Supplicants and navigate the WCS interface.

Computer Systems Technician | Role, Responsibilities & Salary

Technicians are in-charge of an adequate inventory of replacement and spare parts to troubleshoot hardware issues in quick time. They routinely carry out the inspection of all computer equipment and manage and test all new applications that an organization/clients use.
Technicians interact with vendors and their team members to fix any new application issues promptly. They meet with vendors to discuss issues, such as software glitches and equipment warranties.

Data Center Architect – Role, responsibilities and salary

Data Center Architecture is no longer relegated to an entry-level position. Today, a Data Center Architects have complex responsibilities including security, space, power and cooling requirements. They fulfill a critical role in the data center capacity planning and must also manage disaster recovery plans.


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