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Puerto Rico is on the list as well as other US territories

Submitted by Nanlina on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 18:21

PSO2NG isnt come to playstation in global. Only JP has playstation and nintendo switch

There are international servers based in the US that everyone plays on and an entirely separate version of the game in Japan.

Even if I try to use VPN, steam will recognize that I'm from PH since I left the steam account in PH region.

Well, I can perform through MS Store without VPN nice but I am not going to risk my principal steam account by bypassing area locks.

Minecraft indeed isn't beatiful but it fits its style very well

Submitted by Nanlina on Wed, 10/21/2020 - 19:07

Additionally, are we still just supposing that lingering rights problems are what's preventing PSO2 from getting to the rest of SEA, or has it been confirmed somewhere?

PSO2's riches of fantastic dance emotes (even prior to the Persona collab) inspired me to make this dancing movie. Please enjoy!

People always complain about the images, but nevertheless play retro style games such as Stardew Valley or Terraria. Hell, look at Minecraft. Just look at it as an art fashion. Besides, is not PSO2 just like 8 years old?

NBA 2K21 developers have also revealed the published date

Submitted by Nanlina on Sun, 10/18/2020 - 19:16

The makers recently released NBA 2K21 demo of this game and the people have been enjoying it. The manufacturers themselves had revealed that they are releasing NBA 2K21 demonstration on August 15. They took to their Twitter account to share the information along with their fans. NBA 2K21's Twitter page published,"The 2K21 presentation drops at 7 am PT tomorrow". The players can expect to observe some features including 4 teams out of NBA, Build your MyPLAYER experience and 2K21 gameplay innovations.

This is going to be the first year since it came out that I won't be buying it

Submitted by Nanlina on Wed, 10/14/2020 - 17:25

Thank you for moving more in depth. This was some of my biggest frustrations with the narrative mode. Especially the combine. I didn't mind the very first longshot as much as this one. This was only really corny. No issue. I used ton't mind Longshot both actually. I am saying it's better because it seems like the story is at least some what continuing on, but I'm not sure how well. I stopped playing lol.

Now if it's still awful and looks exactly the exact same and performs

Submitted by Nanlina on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 18:24

I wouldn't say it's as finely tuned as Hollywood yet but its definitely getting there- the amount of psychological influence is certainly palpable in these pay to acquire kind games.The build is nice and stuff. But calling assembles"demonic" or"demigod" is the cringiest shit.

Nah man, this build is full on"DemonicGod". You see that they didnt have enough space on the screen, but below Zion, it is supposed to state Draymond Green and Giannis too. Then below that it says Shaq, Kobe, MJ, James Harden, and Lebron. 80 Badges. Contact dunks and rate increase. Can play any position.

This is especially sad because Franchise style is one area where Madden

Submitted by Nanlina on Wed, 10/07/2020 - 17:37

This is especially sad because Franchise style is one area where Madden can make strides -- and wants to make strides. The on-field gameplay is usually solid, so perhaps the dev team did not want to mess with a good thing. Franchise mode is not solid. It lacks play, neglects to mirror the intrigue of free service and holdouts as well as the coaching carousel. Or make team chemistry a larger thing? Or introduce rivalries with teams that reduce star players? Anything? Please?

The most obvious solution is to get rid of RuneScape

Submitted by Nanlina on Sun, 10/04/2020 - 16:42

The most obvious solution is to get rid of RuneScape

So, do the mutes work? No. People have as much freedom as anybody else, they can still cause havoc while they are muted, and a few return worse than before, many just stay the same. It may happen gradually as the individual matures, but the mutes themselves have little or no result.

I got there were comments from folks claiming that I was a scammer

Submitted by Nanlina on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 16:41

Also, they allow summoning creatures that will assist you fight in duel stadium, which can be 1v1 battle even though it is labeled multi. Why should they just do that for different places such as bounty worlds and PvP? It doesn't seem too hard to me. P.S. for everyone who says go multi... no. If you go with only you an a familiar to some multi zone you will get smacked so quickly it is not even funny. I've come up with an idea to make whole use of the runecrafting guild tele tabs. These tabs tele one to the outside of every altar or to the guild in the wizard tower.

There's also the idea of species like Fairies and Gnomes

Submitted by Nanlina on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 16:25

Then now you craft them hide bodies. This will require a few minutes. Now you'll have to buy your nats and get your fire staff ready. Alch all of them from this you may alch every one of these for a great 4.6k. The complete is 120k. 1 stock... only the one you will get 70k gain for 10 mins or less work. People who read this are blessed with the knowledge. I had been checking out the RS high scores and gather a list showing the number of 99's achieved in each skill, as of today.

The Medieval Age in RuneScape

Visual Concepts also detailed a series of improvements coming to the name as wel

Submitted by Nanlina on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 19:45

This means that players won't be able to plan their staff ahead of time, and it will also mean that there will be big cost hikes throughout the initial day of the competition whilst players rush to earn their squad in order to compete.But by investing wisely, you could be able to benefit from the fluctuating market. It will involve a little luck, but if you know there has not been a limitation on participant quality in a couple of weeks, it may be worth investing in a handful of lesser quality cards in the hope that it comes up the next weekend.


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