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Zhao Family Affair 1 is always sunny.

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Back to the dormitory to torture, Zhao Qing forced by three people had to roughly confess what happened over the weekend, of course, omitted the identity of the staff, only said an elder birthday, only to find that Wang Feng and the elder have relatives, so we became acquaintances. The three of them let her go. Shao Hua asked again, "Zhao Qing, what do you think is wrong with Wang Feng?"? How many girls has he turned down in the past three years? Anyone who understands knows that he is waiting for you. Now after a round trip, I found that the elders still have a relationship, which is obviously predestined. Zhao Qing helplessly: "He did not make a girlfriend is not necessarily waiting for me, he did not say so, and he will go abroad in August, we simply can not." So what about going abroad? Besides, it's not impossible for you to go out at night for a few years at most. It's a pity that you don't make up a pair. Chen Xue has a yearning attitude. Go back to the boy of good fortune. Back to pack things, Zhao Qing did not want to continue this topic. In fact, she does not hate Wang Feng, he is cheerful and enthusiastic, good-tempered, tall and handsome. It's just that at the beginning, Zhao Qing was concerned about Xu Linfeng, but after running into a wall, she was somewhat discouraged. She felt that sometimes feelings are really inexplicable, and sometimes pay and harvest are not proportional-well,interactive panels for education, you're smart, you're beautiful, you're enthusiastic, you are considerate, so what? I just don't like you! Unlike studying and working, or even cooking and doing housework, as long as you put your mind into it, there will always be good results. Therefore, for a long time,65 inch smart board, Zhao Qing's mind has not moved the idea of love. She is still very busy, busy with schoolwork, busy with the work of the department, she writes good calligraphy, is the propaganda minister of the student union of the department, often with the younger brothers and sisters out of posters. There are also younger brothers and sisters to worry about, for example, on Wednesday, she will spare half a day to take the place of her parents to hold a parents' meeting for her younger brother who is in the first year of high school. Before going to the parents' meeting, Zhao Qing deliberately dressed up to be more mature, wearing a navy blue sweater, black trousers, and black leather shoes. At first glance, she looked like a professional woman. Fortunately, his brother's middle school is not too far away, Zhao Qing finished two classes in the afternoon and hurried over by bus. The children in Beijing are also very happy at this point. The school is over at three o'clock in the afternoon. The class was over at five o'clock in the middle of M, and she had to study by herself at night. When I arrived at the school gate, touch screen board classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, I found that time was still abundant, so I stopped worrying and walked slowly into the campus. At the beginning of summer and the end of spring, the campus is full of vitality. Long weeping willows are planted on both sides of the road, flying in the wind, just like thousands of beautiful hair, which is very beautiful. Through the weeping willows, you can see a meadow on the left side of the main road, where a group of students are sweating like rain. There seems to be a match on the basketball court. There are many cheers, and many little girls are watching. From time to time, you can hear one or two screams. There must be a handsome guy! Zhao Qing couldn't help laughing. Really carefree youth ah, originally also worried that he was too young, will be mistaken for the school students, looked down at their own dress, Zhao Qing self-mockery: how could it be? Remember Zihui said the first grade is on the fourth floor. What class is it? Shit, I forgot to ask him! I dialed the phone but no one answered. Zhao Qing suddenly remembered that Zihui seemed to say that he was still a little famous in school, and immediately had an idea. On the fourth floor, as expected, the door number showed that they were all first-grade classrooms. Zhao Qing stopped a girl who was hurrying downstairs and asked politely, "Hello, classmate, do you know Zhao Zihui?"? Which class is he in? The girl looked up at her with a haughty expression and big eyes full of defense: "Who are you?"? What can I do for him? It seems to ask the right person, this girl should be quite familiar with Zihui, Zhao Qing patiently explained: "I am his sister, today for him to open the parents' meeting." The girl immediately smiled and said, "It's Sister Zhao. Zihui and I are in the same class. They are both in Class Two. But he is not in the class now. He went to play basketball.". My name is Liu Xiaochen, and I'm going to find him. Sister, would you like to go with me to find him or sit in the class first? A lot of parents are here. The girl, a sister, smiled very brightly, Zhao Qing was flattered, busy said no, he went directly to the class on the line. As the girl came to the classroom of Class 2, she saw many parents sitting inside, and several students who looked like cadres were received at the door.
Teachers are pulled by some parents to talk about their children. Zhao Qing thanked the girl and sat down at random after she left. After a while, the head teacher saw that almost all of them had arrived, and began the parents' meeting. At the beginning, it was nothing more than some scenes, summing up the past, looking forward to the future, and praising some excellent students. However, there was no mention of any child's poor performance. It seems that this class advocates praise education, and then parents discuss it with teachers of various subjects separately. Zhao Qing this time mainly wants to understand the younger brother's comprehensive condition, then looked at an empty question head teacher. The teacher in charge of the class was surprised to see Zhao Qing, who was busy explaining that she was Zhao Zihui's sister. Zhao Zihui is excellent and talented. In middle age, the slightly fat head teacher pushed his eyes and continued: "At the same time, he loves the collective very much. He has won prizes in painting and singing competitions and won many honors for the class. The students in the class like him very much.". Especially girls. The head teacher said that he also felt funny and laughed a few more times. Zhao Qing asked his brother how he was studying. The teacher in charge of the class replied, "It's above average, but it's obvious that he hasn't done his best. Apart from his excellent grades in art and mathematics, he's not very good at anything else.". The teacher also talked to him, and every time he was very polite and modest, but nothing changed. By the way, just now I said that girls like him, don't worry about it. He doesn't have puppy love. I heard that he always tells girls who like him that the main task of students is to study,interactive touch screens education, and they won't fall in love during middle school. Think of the younger brother's serious education of others, Zhao Qing can not help laughing in the heart. It seems that Zihui is still the same. He will not be particularly outstanding, but he will not do anything extraordinary. Where does he not fall in love for the sake of study? I didn't mean to mess with the girls in the class.