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Yan's daughter

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When Song Qi saw the words on the purse, he felt a little bad-he couldn't see the embroidery method, but the handwriting was exactly the same as the handwriting on the purse he had just picked up, but when he saw his expression, he looked like a son in love, and felt his scalp tingling. Sure enough, he heard Xie Xu a cold hum, "I don't know who gave you the purse, you have to keep it well." Then he left in a huff. Even if Yue Lei had a good temper, there was a trace of anger on his face. Song Qi rolled his eyes and sighed. My cousin was born with an awkward temper. The day before yesterday, he lost the purse that Lady Yan had embroidered for him. He was angry and embarrassed to ask him for another one. Now that I see you, I am somewhat touched by the scene. You Don't blame him? Yue Lei looked at him doubtfully. "Really?" He had a simple and honest temper. After thinking about it, he wiped his nose and said, "How could I blame him?" Song Qi patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said, "Good brother, did you lose your purse in the mansion?"? I'll order my servants to look for you carefully later, and I'll send you if I find it. Yue Lei was overjoyed. "Thank you, Brother Song," he said with a bow. Song Qi laughed and sighed in his heart. I'm sure you can't find your purse. He thought to himself and glanced at his waist. "Listen to his tone." Tut-tut. Danger,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, danger. Yue Lei was confused by his sympathetic eyes. Song Qi naturally will not explain to him, to his arch hand, hurriedly after Xie Xu, although he has a vague guess, but there are still a lot of things did not understand? Let him in the dark taste more uncomfortable than kill him, must be clear. Xie Xu only felt that his heart was bitten by something, which made him flustered, and his anger went straight to his head. He walked angrily to Yan Bingchu's desk and stared at her. Seeing that she first looked at herself blankly,Glass Cosmestic Containers, then suddenly looked left and right, turned her face away, and stopped looking at him, she was even more angry. He clenched his fists tightly, closed his eyes, snorted coldly, and strode away. Song Yue was frightened by Xie Xu's eyes, and when he left, he asked in a small voice, "What's wrong with cousin?"? What did you do to make your cousin so angry? But seeing Yan Bingchu lowered his head and did not speak for a long time, he felt a little strange and turned his head to look at her. This look startled her. Yan Bingchu's eyes were red, and she looked like she was about to cry. She looked around hurriedly and found that because of Xie Xu, they had attracted a lot of eyes here. She hurriedly took Yan Bingchu's hand and said, oil dropper bottle ,glass cream jars, "Go to my yard and talk." Yan Bingchu lowered his head all the way and obediently let her pull him into the room. What happened to you Song Yue asked with some concern. Yan Bingchu shook his head and sat down at the table. He sniffed and said, "It's all right." Really very strange, two years ago to see Xie Xu, his mood has never been so big fluctuations. Now, obviously do not know why he would stare at himself, but see him calm face, to her a look of anger, her heart can not help but be wronged. Of course she knew why she was like this, but she couldn't let herself go on like this. Song Yue saw that she did not want to say, also threw away, but the heart is still strange: "Cousin has always been pleasant, polite to people, how can such a big temper?" Who knows? Smile at people for a while, keep a straight face at people for a while, neuropathy. Yan Bingchu rubbed the veil and said angrily, "Don't pay any attention to him. He's sick." Song Yue could not help but be dumb, and when he saw that she had lost her temper, he took the words aside and talked to her about other things. When Song Qi caught up with Xie Xu, he had already arrived at the second gate. Why do you walk so fast? "Song Qi grabbed him.". He sighed as he pursed his lips and said nothing. Go, go, go to my yard first. You go first, and when my mother asks about you later, what should I say? Chapter 59 the Wind Rises Charging section (12 o'clock) Chapter 59 the Wind Rises In the Chengfeng courtyard, the servant girls and servants all retreated far away. Xie Xu sat at the table, his knuckles clasped on the table, and there was no rhythm at all.
“…… You mean you have a crush on my little cousin? Song Qi made this guess before, but when Xie Xu really admitted it, he was still taken aback. "What about Fujia?" Xie Xu answered impatiently, "What does it have to do with Fujia?" Song Qi sighed and said, "I thought you changed most of your temper because of Fujia. Two years ago, how old was my cousin?" Xie Xu was silent. Song Qi beat the palm of his hand with a fan and walked around the room. This matter is really not easy to handle, if the age, you go directly to the door to propose marriage on the line, regardless of his Yue Erlang Yue Sanlang. But that's not the age yet. Song Qi shook his head. "Aunt has begun to look for a wife for you all over the capital. How can you wait?"? My second uncle has only one legitimate daughter. How can he be your concubine. Xie Xu interrupts him: "I won't let her be a concubine." There was a hint of firmness in his voice that could not be questioned. Song Qi was stupefied. His eyelids jumped. He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of him. "Are you serious?" He asked. Xie Xu glanced at him and kept silent. Song Qi immediately sighed. Indeed, it is nothing to say seriously or not, asking him if he is serious is nothing more than to make himself feel some comfort, but what kind of person is Xie Xu, how can he not understand Song Qi and his brother who has been doing it for so long? He rarely showed a trace of melancholy. Does my cousin know? Remembering Yan Bingchu's avoidance of him today, Xie Xu turned his face to one side and rambled with others, or looked left and right without looking at him. He looked at the side of her face and wanted to grab her and ask her what she was thinking, which was fine before. …… I don't know, and I really want to find out. His mouth was full of bitterness. Song Qi took out the silver spindle in his sleeve, looked at it carefully, and put it on the table. "To say that she is not enlightened,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, I'm afraid it's not like that. She knows how to sew purses for others at a young age.". However Maybe it's just a sister sewing a purse for her brother. I'm not saying you're not good, but compared with Yue Erlang, I'm afraid my uncle will choose him. Xie Xu gave a wry smile.