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Her words put in the game, that is, I can never hang up again, even if I hang up, there is no level to drop, there is no equipment to kill, no matter what will not be lost. But also because of this, I can no longer have the level of promotion, skills and so on all do not have to practice. But if that's the case, what's the point of me staying in the game? You can't just wander around with this immortal creature all day long, can you? Besides, such a body, what should enjoy also can not enjoy, even want to make out with Yun Yun. All in all, I'm not going to let my body go down like this. In that case. Seeing that my attitude was very firm, the gold-robed man thought for a moment, then suddenly showed a playful smile and said to me, "You heard what we discussed just now. If you can tell us what you think about the length of life and satisfy us all, I will promise to help you." Damn it! Time and life are untouchable things in nature. What is there to say? But if I don't say it,Magnesium Oxide powder, Yunyun and I will be trapped here forever, and I can't find my body. Anyway, there is no such thing as the right answer. I'm just talking nonsense, and I don't think it's a big problem. I looked back at Yun Yun. After a little tidying up, he said slowly, "The length of life is a natural law.." At this point, I deliberately looked at the faces of the four nps. All of them stared at me,Magnesium Oxide MgO, neither agreeing nor objecting, as if waiting for me to go on. I sighed and continued, "If ever.". The life span of a person is only ten years, or even only one day, then it is a lifetime, and there will be no feeling of long or short. The life of a mayfly and a man is a lifetime. People feel that the life of a mayfly is short, but the mayfly himself does not feel it. When I say these words, Yun Yun has been looking at me with that kind of tender eyes. There was still a trace of adoration in his eyes. Perhaps she had never thought that a person like me could say such a great truth of life. Even I feel that when I say this, I feel like a philosopher. What is a philosopher? It is the kind of thing that makes a very simple thing profound. The kind of person who says things that everyone can understand in a confused way. There is nothing to discuss about the length of a person's life. If I have to say it, it's about what I just said. As soon as my voice fell, Yun Yun immediately laughed and clapped. Give me a very positive approval. Apart from the fact that she is my wife, she is probably happy for me to make such a wonderful comment. I am not surprised that Yun Yun would have such an action, but it is strange that the four NP actually gave me the same applause after Yun Yun. The old man with a white beard said appreciatively, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, "It's a very subtle description. It explains all the questions in the minds of the four of us." "Indeed, the concept of the length of life is determined by the length of life." The gold-robed man nodded and said, "If the limit of a person's life is one hundred years.". Ninety-nine years old is quite a long life. If the limit of human life is only twelve hours since ancient times, then living for eleven hours is a long life. Just like us, although we have lived for millions of years, it is only for mortals, and when it comes to ourselves, no one says that we really live long and impatiently. Ha-ha. I'm just saying that casually. It even caused them to have such great feelings, and they also described my words in detail. Even I feel a little complacent. The gold-robed man laughed for a moment and said to me, "Now that you have explained the doubts in our hearts, I should help you achieve your wish.". However, we will not do such a thing as changing fate against the sky. "What?" I said loudly, "How can you go back on what you said just now?" Great NP ah, NP is not to keep one's word! Otherwise, the ghost comes to play games! The old man with a white beard said quickly, "Young man, don't worry. Nothing that Zi Rijun has said doesn't count.".
” "I don't need you to prove it for me yet." The gold-robed man snorted coldly and said to me, "I said I couldn't change my life, but I can give you a chance to choose the way you want to go in the future.". But success is entirely up to you. If you can't change your destiny, the four of us can't do anything about it. Why do you talk so much nonsense? If you have a way, just say it, so as not to waste my time here. I nodded and said, "I know. Anyway, if you really want to break your promise, I can't do anything about it." As soon as I said this, the gold-robed man's face became quite ugly. He took a few long breaths, took out a piece of metal from his bosom and threw it at my feet. He said to me, "I'll give it to you. As for how to use it, it depends on whether you have the luck." I was stupefied, picked up the piece of metal from the ground, only to feel that it was very hot, and shining with dazzling red light, in addition, to find no other special place. I handed it to Yun Yun, who looked at it for a long time, but didn't see what it was for. The old man with a white beard patted me on the shoulder with a smile and said, "No need to look at it. It's useless for you to look at it now.". When you need it, you'll know. As he spoke, he also took out a piece of silver metal from his bosom and handed it to me. He said to me, "I have another piece here. You should be careful to keep it." Then the woman in colorful clothes and the diamond man gave me a piece of metal like that, but one was blue and the other was almost transparent. After giving me the four pieces of metal, the woman in colorful clothes said to me and Yun Yun,caustic calcined magnesite, "We will send you to a place later, but no strangers are allowed there. That is to say, this girl may want to think about it." "What do you mean?" I asked.