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Woman's Perspective of Sex Doll

Submitted by aldollsale on Thu, 12/15/2022 - 21:06

My experience of sexual intimacy with male silicone mini sex doll is one of my most memorable experiences. The reason I'm saying that is that I like more realistic models available that are not just attractive but also for sensation and experience. I enjoy having sex with bbw sex doll to be as like the real thing as human beings can get.

I've had sexual relations with two men's silicone-based shemale sex doll. One was a Sinthetics "Gabriel" and a female sex doll "Nick". I had the most fun with Gabriel because of a number of reasons. He was the most visually attractive to behold, because he is not only extremely beautiful, but he's also the most real. He also had the most pleasant feelings sexually.

There are two great methods to get sex with male silicone japanese sex doll and the two ways I've tried included the cowgirl position initially by lying on his the bed, then with him in an armchair. Both were very stimulating to the point of blissful gasps and total satisfaction.

Prior to having sexual relations in the presence of Gabriel and Nick I needed to connect their penis attachments. It's a simple process for me, since all I had to do was put a water-based oil to the the base of the ball that slides inside a small space in the lower pelvis of the silicone teen sex doll. The lube was also added on the interior of the cavity which allows the insert to slide into.

After sexual activity, taking off the attachment is as simple. Cleaning the attachment and insert cavity is essential every time. I make use of a sexy cleaner that foams from Wicked and rinse it off in cool, filtered water. dry using an old towel, and then place it in a safe place inside my bed.