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Wolong gives birth to flying flowers month by month

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"The important thing is," said Zhao Youlan, "when the two gentlemen discovered the crisis, they decided to lead the attack. If you can't resist, not only will the seven princes not be saved, but all the people in the palace will be burned." Xiao Hanyue said, "Doesn't the girl control a group of people?" "I can't separate myself," said Zhao Youlan. "I'm afraid it's very difficult to dispatch them. These forces can't be counted." Zhang Lan said in a loud voice, "Miss Zhao, all the people in Wang Fu are willing to serve Wang Yeh faithfully and die without complaint." "Elder Zhang, it's not a matter of life and death." It's a matter of success or failure. Once you fail, your wish to save the Seven Princes will be paid off. " "This, this.." said Zhang Lan. "What does the girl mean?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. Zhao Youlan said, "Mobilize as many people as you can and wait in formation. Once the two gentlemen lead the attack, I hope you can resist it until it's nightfall." Xiao Hanyue looked up. The sky was already dim. She nodded and said, "Good!"! We immediately prepared, strong bow box crossbow, distributed into a square snake array, in order to support each other. "I haven't read Sun Tzu's Art of War," said Zhao Youlan. "I don't know how to set up a battle array. However, we should gather some experts and rush to the rescue. In any case, we can't let them invade the place where the doctor saved Wang Yeh." "We'll do our best, miss," said Xiao Hanyue. "But don't worry." "The place to help Wang Yeh is in the kitchen,shuttle rack system," said Zhao Youlan. "That's the center, surrounded by guards." Zhu Yingying was stunned. "Why are you in the kitchen?" She asked. Zhao Youlan said, "If you want to use a bamboo cage to steam the poison in Wang Ye's body, you must rely on the kitchen equipment. Of course, the heat must be properly controlled.". Not too big, not too small. You don't have to worry about that. Just find a good pyrotechnician and give him to me for guidance. "What else should I prepare?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. Zhao Youlan said, "There are a hundred jars of old vinegar, a large bamboo cage, half a catty of old ginseng,drive in racking system, three sound chickens, two healthy servants, and two little maidservants." Zhang Lan answered, "These are all ready-made. I'll dispatch them immediately." Zhao Youlan answered, "The manservants and maidservants all want Wang Yeh's trusted followers to help him clean up at any time." Zhang Lan nodded. "What else do you need?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. "Use whatever you can," said Zhao Youlan. "Fill it with clear water and distribute it everywhere to prevent fire." "Do it at once?" Asked Zhang Lan. "Brother Xiao," said Zhang Lan, "when all the arrangements are finished, tell me and I'll save people. Now, I'm going to rest for a while." Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep on the couch. The apricot blossom suddenly opened her mouth and said, "Everyone, you should go out to raise your spirits. Tomorrow's battle will be extremely fierce." As soon as Xiao Hanyue pulled Zhu Yingying, he retreated, and Zhang Lan quietly withdrew and took him to the hall door. Xiao Hanyue and Master Xianyun, Zhang Lan, Chang Jiu, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Bai Yuxian, etc., discussed for a while and decided to concentrate all the elite manpower in the palace. Tang Ming and Xiang Zhongtian, who were resting in the Zhao Mansion, as well as Wang Shouyi, who was guarding the Zhao Mansion, and his forty captors, were also transferred to the palace. Zhang Lan Chuanwangfu token, transferred to the patrol camp two hundred soldiers, including one hundred archers, by Xiao Hanyue dispatch deployment, the kitchen as the center, cloth into a square snake array, all deployment, ready, is already three poles in the morning. When Xiao Hanyue stepped into the flower hall, the apricot blossoms were already awake, but Zhao Youlan and the seven princes were still sleeping. The apricot flower raised her hand and asked Xiao Hanyue to behave carefully so as not to wake up Zhao Youlan. Xiao Hanyue nodded and approached the apricot blossom. "It looks like Miss Youlan is very tired," she said. "Yes," the apricot flower answered sadly. "The girl hasn't had a good rest since the master disappeared. As long as she can hold on, she keeps working and thinking. With her delicate body, how can she work day and night? At present, these achievements are all earned by her hard work.
” Xiao Hanyue nodded and said, "It's really hard for her!" The apricot blossom whispered, "If you really pity the girl, why don't you help her?" "Can I help her?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. "Yes, and she's the only one who can help her," said the apricot flower. "I'm so worried.." "What are you worried about?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. Apricot flower way: "I am afraid her this kind of fanatical work, one day will lead her disposition to change greatly, but falls into the madness." "Will it be so serious?" Said Xiao Hanyue with infinite concern. The apricot flower said, "She has a block in her chest, and she has nothing to send. The greater the achievement, the higher the danger. Mr. Xiao, you must save her!" The seven princes in the brocade tent suddenly opened their eyes, looked at Xiao Hanyue and apricot blossoms outside the tent, and closed their eyes again. Xiao Hanyue said, "Hanyue is willing to do her best, but she doesn't know where to start." The apricot blossom sighed and said, "Alas!"! Xiao Gongzi was a very clever man. How could he become so stupid? "I really can't figure it out," said Xiao Hanyue. "Why don't you teach me?" "You really don't know," said the apricot blossom, "that the young lady's tender feelings have long been poured into you?" Xiao Hanyue was in a daze and said, "I've never heard her say that." "How do you expect her to talk to a girl about such a thing?" "You should feel it from her words and deeds," said the apricot flower with a wry smile. Xiao Hanyue thought for a moment and thought, "Yes, she is really different from me. Why can't I think of this?"? The apricot flower answered, "Mr. Xiao, I know she has prepared a plan to rescue the master. I asked you to meet me in the hope that you could help her. I didn't expect that you would force her to save the Seven Princes." Xiao Hanyue was taken aback. "Really?" She asked. "Why did I lie to you?" Asked the apricot blossom. Xiao Hanyue answered, "I didn't return to her." "How can I be forced?" Asked the apricot flower? You're so sharp that she can't even say why she's looking for you. Xiao Hanyue answered, "I didn't expect Xiao Hanyue to be so aggressive.." "Of course," said the apricot blossom! The world in addition to you, probably no one can pass her submission, she can not bear to send you,heavy duty metal racks, just changed his mind, to save the seven princes.. "I am very grateful for that." Xiao Hanyue said with some shame: "It's over here. I should go all out to rescue Doctor Zhao." The apricot blossom smiled and said, "Do you still want to save Miss Youlan?" "How can I be saved?" Asked Xiao Hanyue. 。