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Why should you not search for “disable Glance MI”?

Submitted by jaykant on Fri, 12/08/2023 - 01:54

You may have come to this article to find out more about how to disable Glance in MI, but before you do so, please have a look at what you will be missing out from your smartphone if you search for “disable Glance MI”. 
What is Glance?
Glance lock screen is a smart lock screen that allows users to personalize their phone’s lock screen to provide them with quick personal information. This smart lock screen allows a first glimpse at news, weather, scores and notifications without unlocking the device.
Please note that the Glance smart lock screen is not an application that you download or install on some smartphones, but it is pre-installed on them. Customization is easy on the Glance lock screen as the user picks the kind of data that appears on their lock screen.
In addition, the Glance lock screen can be a great asset for people constantly on the move and having to look at customised information without unlocking the device.
This lock screen has seven languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali. 
What are the features of Glance?
If you have an MI phone, you already have a pre-installed Glance smart lock screen. But before you go onto search for “disable Glance MI”, understand that it is not just a wallpaper carousel. It is much more than that!
A smart lock screen, you say? Yes, that wallpaper you just thought was Glance is actually a smart lock screen. In other words, your smartphone will feature a smart lock screen. With Glance, you don’t have to unlock your phone and navigate through different screens and apps. Glance allows you to do all this right on your smart lock screen. This will save time and make it easier to keep track. Much less time than going to your search tab to look for “disable Glance MI”. How awesome is that!
Glance feature for LIVE shows
Did you know that your Glance Smart Lock Screen lets you be a part of live entertainment of celebs and others on Glance with a million other users? That’s more than just wallpaper.
Glance feature for News
But wait, there's even more! With Glance Smart Lock Screen, you know about the latest trends happening without unlocking your phone. Are you still thinking about looking for “disable Glance MI”?
Glance feature for Sports
Also, if you love to listen to sports like cricket, football, and others you won’t miss out on any moment. Maybe you will miss out few live updates if you’re on the lookout for “disable Glance MI”, but that’s your choice of course! In addition, you will remain abreast with your favorite sports and you will be able to witness sports legends in action.
Glance feature for Gamers
For the readers who are gamers, we offer you a treat. Don’t read about the search results for “disable Glance MI”. Glance Smart Lock Screen has more than 500 free games, and the interesting thing is that you do not need to download one of them all. In other words, you save data and have just as much fun anytime, anywhere without even unlocking your phone once. LIVE streams of the top gaming tournaments. And that is the icing on the cake for the winners like you!!!
Glance feature for Shopping
Do you prefer shopping as one of your pastimes after a long and tiring day? For you, then, it must be Glance Smart Lock Screen! This is where you will find the latest hot trends, and the coolest accessories and merchandise at great deals. But it is your choice if you would rather waste your time searching for “disable Glance MI”.
Steps to disable Glance in MI?
To disable Glance in MI, follow these steps:
Step 1:
Open the Settings app on your device. By scrolling down on the notification panel and selecting the gear icon, you can usually find it in the app drawer.
Step 2:
Scroll down and locate the "Lock screen" or "Lock screen and security" option. Tap on it to access the lock screen settings.
Step 3:
Search the lock screen settings for the "Widgets" or "Lock screen widgets" area. Depending on the maker and software version of your device, the precise phrasing might change.
Step 4:
There should be a Glance or lock screen widgets option under the Widgets section. To access the Glance settings, tap on it.
Step 5:
You'll probably find a toggle switch to enable or disable Glance on the lock screen under the Glance settings. To take Glance off the lock screen, disable or toggle off this feature.
Step 6:
After disabling Glance, quit the settings application. Glance should stop appearing on your lock screen as soon as the adjustments go into effect.
Now that you have an idea what you will get as a search result for “disable Glance MI”, we would ask you to reconsider because you will be missing out on such wonderful Glance features without even having to unlock your phone. With Glance, you have the world in your palm!