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Sex dolls are becoming more rampant for use by consumers, especially the men. The sex dolls are available for mostly one purpose and that is for sexual pleasure. For heterosexual men, sexual pleasure is something that helps them relax and have fun.

Normally, men do everything possible to impress woman, go on date with them, do nice things for them and these are mostly for one purpose: sex. However, the narrative is changing and most men are no longer chasing after women for sexual pleasure anymore; they have now turned to another alternative: sex dolls.

This begs the question: are sex dolls better than real life ladies? There are so many things to consider which explain why men prefer sex dolls to real ladies. Dating real life ladies involves breakups, as people have lost all their trust and faith on human beings.

1.No nagging and tantrums
With all due respect, although most adult humans nag and throw tantrums, ladies are known to be the ones who carry out more nagging and tantrums compared to men. Ask most men who are dating a lady and they will have something to say about this.

There is always something to nag about in the relationship. Most women will never come right out to state what they want or need and when they don’t get it, they may throw tantrums and begin to nag their partners. Most men have been fed up of tantrums and nagging to the extent they had to break up with their partners in order to get peace of mind.

As a result of this, many men prefer the sex dolls. Sex dolls do not nag or throw tantrums. There is peace of mind and there is no disturbance. All the men have to enjoy the sexual pleasure and they don’t even need to be blackmailed over it.

2.No need for gifts
Dating a real life lady means a lot of things and one of them is the purchase and giving out of gifts to the one you are dating in order to please or make them happy with you. Here, overthinking is required because you have to make sure that you are getting the right gifts.

Failure to get the right gift could lead to a lot of problems. However, with sex dolls you don’t have to purchase gift every time or every holiday. You don’t have to overthink and wonder what to buy in order to please he sex doll. The sex doll is meant for your pleasure and not the other way around.

3.No menstrual cycles to follow
One of the problems most men face in relationships is ladies’ menstrual cycles. In this period, sex is nonexistent until the cycle is over. It doesn’t matter how horny you are and how much crave release and sexual pleasure, you just have to wait. Some men have to wait weeks before they can have fun with their partners and they must not cheat on their partners.

You cannot suffer something like this when it comes to sex dolls. Sex dolls are made to have the same characteristics as real life ladies. No matter how the similar physical characteristics, there is nothing like menstrual cycles when it comes to sex dolls.

You don’t have to wait for any cycle to pass before you can have fun. Your sex doll is available for your use at any time of the day; nothing is stopping you.

4.No heart break
A lot of men have suffer heart breaks in their relationships so much so that they are not willing to go into any other relationship. The heart break could be as a result of so many different reasons, the chief among which is cheating or betrayal.

Owning and having a sex doll negates any chance of heartbreaks. Your sex doll have no evil intentions and cannot take any action that can lead to your heartbreak.

5.Sex anywhere and anytime
The chance to have sex anywhere and anytime is what many men crave. It is a sort of adventure. Imagine having sex in a car or behind your building, while making sure that no one sees you of course. It could even be anywhere in the home - the kitchen, the dining room, the basement, anywhere. Especially for sex torso,it is much convenient to move and store.More about sex torso

You would be surprised that some ladies may not be willing to have sex anywhere else except the bedroom. Your sex doll will never deny you that. You can have sex with your sex doll anywhere and anytime.

6.Quality and quantity sex
Sex involves some positions which are exciting and full of fun. Many ladies cannot or are unwilling to put themselves in those positions and defeat the complete fun in sex. Your sex doll is able to give your premium sex and enable you to have massive and unlimited fun.