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When he was facing the Magic's tough defense

Although there is no doubt that the Magic team's rating is extremely low in this game, it's not to be regarded as worthless. In the last game against the 76ers and the 76ers, the Magic team played the game to 2K23 MT Bovertime. however, even though they lost eventually, but this shows that the Magic aren't completely weak. Against such a team Kyrie Irving can score 60 points with six rebounds, four assists and four steals, which shows that Kyrie Irving's shooting ability when on court beyond doubt.2K23's review of Irving Irving hasn't been able to play every now and then, his form has been maintained very well. Perhaps NBA 2K took a fancy to this.

On March 16, Kyrie Irving's dark matter card was announced. The card Kyrie Irving is a defensive rating of 99. All shooting attributes are higher than 95. In addition, of the 19 Shooting Badges owned, there are twelve Hall of Fame badges. This is an excellent reflection of the skills of Irving on the offensive end and nobody else can beat his skill. On the defensive side, he's scoring 79, and that's because NBA 2K knows him very well, and with Irving playing the floor, there's only one thing he does most often, shooting nonstop.In playing against Magic, Irving perfectly demonstrated what the 99-point Offense must be.

When he was facing the Magic's tough defense, Irving showed the audience a lot of incredible goals. That doesn't blame the Magic for not having enough security, but it's that they got into Irving, who was quite adept in Offense. Perhaps this is why NBA 2K will unveil Irving's Dark Matter card while giving this card the top offensive stats.Kyrie Irving's latest dynamic ratingsIn NBA 2K23. Kyrie Irving's current dynamic rating is 91.

With his outstanding performance against the Magic 2K release of the Dark Matter card is expected but in the longer term, his overall score should be There won't be much change, probably because he is able to only play away from home. Thus, his dazzling performance will be of no help to the team, particularly in the postseason.Irving is at this point directly related to his thinking from Buy NBA 2K MT being a top player to being a part-timer now. But judging from the condition of the game Irving's training sessions every day should be very active. Otherwise, it will not be possible to maintain such a an excellent performance on the field. As of now, only Durant is the only one who can support the Nets. How long will Irving continue? How far will the Nets take this season? It's all still undetermined.