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What Should I Do When I Have a Chipped Tooth?

The steps that you take when a tooth is chipped will depend on the severity of the problem. If it is just a small chip, you can usually wait until the next available appointment with your dentist to get it fixed. But if the tooth comes out or the chip is big enough that it causes some pain, then you will need to work with your dentist and get emergency care as quickly as possible. Understanding the right steps will help protect the tooth and your smile.
If you break or chip your tooth, the first step to take is to rinse out your mouth with some warm water. This helps to clean it all out and can prevent an infection later on. Apply pressure to stop any of the bleeding that may be happening at the time and a cold compress can do wonders to reduce the swelling. If it is possible to find the broken tooth piece, then wrap it in wet gauze and take it to the dentist with you.
It is also possible that you will lose a tooth at some point. If you have a tooth that pops out of the mouth, then you need to use a gauze pad to hold it by the crown and then place it back into the socket if it is possible. If you notice that the tooth is dirty, then rinse it off with some water. Do not scrub it or clean it off with any other solution. Make sure to not clean off any bits of tissue. All of this will be important to helping the dentist get it back in. If you are not able to get the tooth back into the socket, then place it into a glass of milk, water, or saline solution and get to the dentist as soon as possible.
When you chip a tooth, you may feel some pain if it is big enough. Flush the inside of your mouth with some warm water and then apply cold compresses to the outside every few minutes. This will keep the swelling down. You are able to take some over the counter pain relievers, but read the dosage to make sure it is safe for you.
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