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What is Decaf Coffee - Top Pick, Reviews & Guide

Brands that sell decaf espresso beans are increasing their market share at a fast pace. The decaf coffee market is huge and has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for brands that stick to the buzzwords like “certified organic” and “chemical free”.
Caffeine free coffee has become increasingly popular among adults, millennials especially. This is the age group that likes to switch to healthier alternatives in everything.
The sales are skyrocketing and probably everyone around you is trying the new caffeine-free decaf coffee beans. So here is a comprehensive guide to help you under, what goes into caffeine free coffee and what consumers have to say about it.
What is decaf coffee?
In its simplest definition, decaf coffee is simply your regular coffee without caffeine. Decaffeination of the coffee beans is done with various types of chemical wash. Beans are washed with chemical solvents to strip off the caffeine.
Decaf coffee beans have 97% of the caffeine washed off. However, chemically decaffeinated coffee is certainly not the top pick.
The integrity and richness of the decaf coffee dark roast cannot be maintained with a chemical wash. Therefore, brands have switched to the more sensible and eco-friendly alternative of Swiss Water Processed decaf. In this method, they use pure water and nothing else to remove the caffeine from coffee beans.
Which is the top pick of Swiss Water decaf coffee?
Swiss Water decaffeination process in a patented method that is trusted to remove 99.9% caffeine from the coffee beans. Hence, it is a safer alternative for those with medical conditions. Moreover, Swiss decaf is the only suitable option for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Now come back to the main point, which is the top pick for organic decaf coffee? The answer is Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. The brand was founded with the mission to produce the world’s finest decaf coffee and they are pretty successful in doing that.
Their great tasting decaf coffee is actually Swiss water processed decaf that is 100% chemical free.
What makes their product unmatched in terms of taste, richness, aroma and texture is that all of their beans are single origin and shade grown.
Currently Blue Spruce deals in organic decaf coffee beans of Mexican origin and Thai origin. Their product range features decaf coffee dark roast, medium roast and decaf espresso beans.
What do the reviews say about Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee?
Featuring a 4.9 star rating, the non-GMO, chemical free and certified organic decaf coffee beans by Blue Spruce have gained huge acknowledgement from a large number of coffee lovers.
According to the customer reviews,

  • The products by Blue Spruce are nice and smooth
  • People with GI issues are also loving the chemical free and caffeine free decaf by Blue Spruce.
  • There is no bitter aftertaste in their coffee
  • Mexican organic blend is really flavourful
  • Thai organic decaf is full-bodied with an amazing aroma

 Try Decaf coffee and you will be enjoying every sip of it. Chemical solvents result in a bitter aftertaste in decaf coffee but Blue Spruce provides certified organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf. Visit their website to order a bag full of rich taste.