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What are the sensitive areas of men?

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People believe that women have all the sensitive points while men are most comfortable with their genitals. Men, just like women, have sensitive points. Debbie Hebernick MD, of Kinsey Institute of Sexuality, USA, stated that smart women need to learn how to identify and exploit these "special G-spots in men." These are just a few of the many sexual sensitivities that men have worth looking into.

1. The sensitive spots for men are located around the belly button and nipple.

When stimulated, men's nipples become larger and more reddish. This brings about unmatched pleasure. The belly button is another center of pleasure. The internal organs are sensitive and fragile, so the belly button is important. To adjust the intensity, press lightly on the belly button using your hands. To gently test the intensity, you can use your tongue. Massaging the lower abdomen can stimulate the prostate and cause intense sexual excitement in some men.

2. The sensitive areas of men's inner thighs are their most sensitive.

The inner thighs of men are sensitive too. It will be exciting to touch the Ding Ding and the man's inner thighs.

3. The sensitive areas of men's skin are in the foreskin.

Research has shown that men are most sensitive to the "F" and the "R" areas. This is according to many sexologists from Europe and America. The first refers to the foeskin frenulum. This is the skin that connects penis shaft to foreskin. The second refers to the raised seam at the center of the scrotum, which divides it into two sections. The foreskin frenulum can be stimulated during sex. This will cause men to become "out of control" as well as strong contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

Fourth, the sensitive points of men are located behind the ears.

These are sensitive areas for both men and women. If men touch their necks or backs, it will be a sign of increased sexual interest.

Fifth: Boys most eager to have their lips rubbed

1. Palm

I want my lovers to be open and honest with each other. However, their power is also derived from their hands. This is how "mastery" is achieved. Boldly putting his hands on his lips will make men feel moved. It means you will be just like him.

2. Cheeks

The cheek is where lovers kiss. It also serves as a place to share a laugh with friends and family. They are very comfortable with this type of kissing. They are not comfortable with aggressive behavior and need to be predisposed. They believe that kissing on the cheek is their first step to intimacy.

3. Shoulder

The beauty of balance is best expressed in the shoulders, which are also the most beautiful. Librans are very conscious about the shoulders. Both men are concerned about how beautiful women's shoulders are, as well as their shoulders. He will be reassured that you are confident in his handsomeness if you give him a gentle kiss on the shoulder. The next step will prove your love.

6. How to seduce a man in bed

"If a woman puts her hand on my body and blows into my ears, rubs her fingers on my neck, scratches my back with her fingertips and kisses me, I will lie on my stomach. She then laid on my back and mumbled in mine, before finally entering with her fingers. It's a wonderful experience. However, most women don't have the ability to relax at this level or aren't able to think about it.

"Particularly sensitive regions are the roots of your ears, the neck, chest and abdomen. My testicles are also sensitive. The most exciting part of foreplay is the lips. The lips interact with one another. French kisses and touches can get me excited. I don't like the person sticking their tongue in my ears or kissing my lips.

"I like for the other person to kiss me and lick my ears." My nipples, as well as my ass, are extremely sensitive. Also, my hips, thighs, and hips are sensitive.

"I like to be pampered by someone who kisses me and takes care of my chest, and then massages my whole body. It is easy to touch the testicles if the other person has the ability to do so. This takes practice and guidance. These parts are extremely sensitive.

"I have to admit, I am obsessed with beautiful nails. I love the soft touch of my nails and gentle scratching of mine back.

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