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Wesley 037 (Atomic Space)

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Bai Su and I just stared outside, even Ge Dapeng had come behind us without knowing, until he murmured: "I have never seen such an empty space, never!" Even Ge Dapeng, a hundred years later, the famous interstellar navigator on Earth, has never seen such a space, how can we know where we are now? Ge Dapeng stayed for a moment: "We must have been far away from the solar system, far away from all the galaxies. You see, there is only space in front of us, but there is nothing, nothing." We just feel a chill, which is hard to imagine: far away from all the galaxies, where is it? I slowly turned to look at Ge Dapeng and saw that his face was full of confusion. Even he is so confused, I want to explore this answer, is not too overrated? Because his knowledge of interstellar navigation and space is more than ten thousand times greater than mine! When we had nothing to say, Ge Dapeng waved to the outside and said,Magnesium Sulphate price, "We have no way to think but to wait.". Anyway, we have enough food to last for many years! I blocked his way. "There is no other way but this." "You can't ask me to push this spaceship," said Ge Dapeng. I didn't want to quarrel with him, so I just calmed down. "Come to think of it, you are the greatest interstellar navigator on Earth in the 21st century!" Ge Dapeng's anger and anger suddenly disappeared. He said in a voice that was almost crying, "Yes, I am an interstellar navigator,dap diammonium phosphate, but-" he pointed to the dark blue sky above and said, "Do you see the stars? Not even a star of the nineteenth magnitude. We don't know where we are. We may have reached the endless outer space that no one has ever visited and no one dares to imagine! My Bai Su lost his voice and said, "Outer space?"? What is that place? Ge Dapeng shook his head and said, "I don't know. Outer space is the limit of human knowledge. Not to mention you, even we don't know how big the space is. It's simply unimaginable what there is in a very far place." Bai Su's voice was the calmest among us: "All the instruments are damaged. Can't they be repaired?" In our minds, there is only the concept of "instrument damage", but we have never thought that the instrument damage can be repaired! Was it because we were too frightened by the sudden change, or was it because Bai Su was calm? She was the first to raise the question. The spirit of Ge Dapeng was inspired. He glanced at Farazi and Gele. "Is it possible?" I asked. Ge Dapeng nodded and said, "I think we can repair several main instruments in ten days. First, we can determine where we are. Our astronomical map is still there. I think there is no problem.". Of course, we have to check the power system first-- "Bai Su excited tunnel:" Then what are we waiting for? Why don't you do it quickly? Bai Su's excitement quickly infected us. Ge Dapeng said, "Of course, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, we have to put on clothes to prevent radiation first. You two can help us more or less, can't you?" "Of course," said Bai Su, "it's always possible to deliver tools." Ge Dapeng was stunned and said with a smile, "I can hardly understand your words. We have only one tool to do any work, that is, light control and sound wave controller. Besides, there is no other one. Come on!"! You come with me first, and we'll check the power system. I walked at the end, and when I stepped out of the main room, I looked up at the boundless dark blue sky and thought to myself: Can the five of us, two groups of people of different times, cross this sky? I only hope that we can cross this boundless space, I do not even expect to return to the earth, only hope that we can see the sky with planets, then I will be very satisfied. Out of the main room, under the leadership of Ge Dapeng, we used the elevator to descend three floors into a room, each wearing thick anti-radiation clothes. Then, Ge Dapeng and Farazi worked together to open a round steel door.
As soon as the steel door swung open, a dark red light immediately enveloped the whole house. Ge Dapeng went in first, and Bai Su and I followed him with trepidation. The first thing we see is a row of crystals shining with strange colors. It is difficult to describe this row of crystals exactly. In general, it resembles the so-called "magic eye" of some automatic cameras nowadays-the photographic plate of a semiconductor light meter. The color on those crystals is extremely changeable, but every other time, it must appear dark red. In the radiation-proof clothes, there is a radio transmission device, and what everyone says can be heard by others. I heard Ge Dapeng give a very happy cry. Bai Su and I asked in unison, "How are things going?" Ge Dapeng nodded his head greatly-in fact, he was nodding, but we could not see it, because the clothes to prevent radiation had a large hood, in which the head was covered, and only one eye could be seen from two pieces of glass. At this time, we saw that one eye of Ge Dapeng was constantly moving up and down, so we guessed that he was nodding. "It's not bad," said Ge Dapeng. "The shock has destroyed some of the power lines, but others have only been disturbed. I believe they can be restored after sorting out." Farazi added: "After the power transmission is restored, hopefully some instruments will work, because the power system itself has not suffered much damage." Bai Su and I could not help cheering,potassium sulphate fertilizer, but Bai Su and I had to look on and could not intervene. Because of the tools they use, we have never seen. Moreover, the so-called "power transmission lines" are by no means the wire-like substances we are accustomed to seeing. They are just beams of light of various colors. I saw Ge Dapeng use another pistol-like tool that can emit various beams of light to stimulate the beam like a ball of thread scratched by a cat.