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Wedding photos popular style

Wedding photos are a wonderful memory for every couple. So what are the popular styles of wedding photos in 2018? Let's take a look at some popular styles of wedding photos this year.
1. Traditional Chinese painting
The modern fashion clothing, the light ink ancient charm, the traditional Chinese style and the modern fashion union, fully displays the unique eastern charm.
2, small fresh
With location shooting as the main line, the composition is simple and natural, and the painting style is simple and easy-going, which is more and more popular among young people. It's easier for the new couple to express themselves freely, so the photos will be more realistic and natural.
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3. Luminous effects
In the time of 2017, the luminous effect of wedding photos has been fermented nationwide. Similarly, in 2018, luminous wedding photos is still a relatively mainstream style of wedding photos, which features: luminous, unique, princess series.
4. Flower sea series
Flower sea series from the past decades, until now, flower sea series is relatively popular, especially in the flower sea tree hole scene in 2017, for female friends, has a lot of attraction, its characteristics is rich, bright, attractive.
5, the starry sky
In 2017, the star style also is a kind of more unique style of dress, can say this kind of style is more popular, is not lost its freshness, whether boys or girls, is preferred for this style of wedding photos, its characteristic is the constellation feeling, unique, quiet, atmospheric and deep.
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