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Wechat group of the underworld: My husband is the keeper.

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Hearing Ning Huanxin's report, Xu Songhai nodded repeatedly and couldn't help praising her: "Yes, although you handled this case on your own initiative, since you are a member of our three departments, even if it is a case in our department, you have done a good job. Listening to what you said, I'm afraid this case will involve other major cases." "Yes." Hearing Xu Songhai's words, Ning Huanxin also nodded: "I think it may be that some leaders of the school have colluded with the construction engineering company, suspected of taking bribes privately, or cutting corners. This kind of thing, Director, you come to the relevant departments for a thorough investigation!" Those people for their own interests, in order not to expose their dirty behavior, secretly deleted the school's surveillance video, so that Chen Anwen was wronged! These people deserve to be punished! "Well, it's a serious matter, and I'll deal with it." Xu Songhai's tone was also serious: "Yes, Huan Xin,shuttle rack system, did Jian Yunyi contact you recently?"? Hasn't the boy come out of seclusion yet? Jian Yunyi? Ning Huanxin froze for a moment, as if he and Jiang Lixing were engaged when Jane Yunyi was also present, but he did not seem to say anything to him. I never saw him again. Was Li Jie's death too great a blow to him? Ning Huanxin asked suspiciously. It is now certain that the mysterious force that attacked the headquarters of the three unsolved cases was Gu Qianchen's force, and now Gu Qianchen is missing, and the people of that force are all hidden, and it is not easy to find them again. Maybe. Xu Songhai sighed: "In fact, this is the case. Next month,automated warehouse systems, the members of the power group will go to Yanjing to pursue a case. They may need our cooperation. Now only you and Jian Yunyi are in our department. I'm afraid you don't have time, so" "Director, I can." Ning Huanxin interrupted Xu Songhai's voice: "I am not nervous about my studies now. If I have time, I should be able to assist the power group." Ning Huanxin is confident to solve Chen Anwen's case in a short time and return his innocence. As for the mysterious magnetic field of 808, it is very passive, Ning Huanxin can only wait passively, waiting for the appearance of the mysterious magnetic field of 808. So, the rest of the time she's free. But what kind of organization is the power group? "Director, what case is the power team coming to deal with?" Ning Huanxin was actually quite curious, so he asked Xu Songhai in a low voice. Who knows what kind of plane they are doing all day. I heard that they are trying to catch a thousand-year-old vampire? I'm not very clear about the details. There's still more than a month to go. Don't worry. Just cooperate symbolically when the time comes. Chapter 1181 1181: Li Luo Shi reappears. Although the power group and the three unsolved cases often cooperate, but the two departments are not very friendly, so Xu Songhai specifically told Ning Huanxin to deal with it, metal racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, do enough face kungfu. Ning Huanxin:.. I didn't expect that you are such a director! After talking to Xu Songhai on the phone, Ning Huanxin drove in the direction of Yanbei University. After two intersections, she suddenly changed her look slightly, hit the rudder, turned the car around a corner, and entered a small alley beside the road. Ning Huanxin slowed down and drove the car to the end of the alley, which was a dead end. She stopped the car. Behind him, it was empty, an empty alley. But Ning Huanxin's eyes were deep and his tone was cold. You've followed me all the way. Come out and don't force me to do it! Ning Huanxin's voice did not fall, and a black figure appeared like a ghost. Seeing the shadow, Ning Huanxin was stunned for a moment.
"It's you!" At this time, Ning Huanxin suddenly remembered that he was sitting in Jiang Liran's car and felt being followed, so it was really her! Li Luo Shi! She unexpectedly returned to Yanjing! How dare you come back? Now that you're back, leave your life behind! The voice did not fall, Ning Huanxin has been lightning shot! "That thing." It wasn't me! It has nothing to do with me! While dodging, Li Luoshi tried desperately to explain: "I was already unconscious in the detention room. It wasn't me who killed people. It was the people of that organization who bloodied the three unsolved cases. I have broken away from that organization!" "You're a puppeteer. You can manipulate people, can't you?" Ning Huanxin shot again and grabbed Li Luoshi's wrist, while Li Luoshi looked at Ning Huanxin innocently: "You can check my meridians, my mental strength has been wasted." Although she still knows some skills and kung fu now, she is no longer a puppet master! "This is the price of leaving the organization, I secretly returned to Yanjing alone, carefully afraid of being caught by the organization, although I left, but when I left, the leader issued an order to meet again and kill without mercy!" Li Luoshi looked at Ning Huanxin: "I know I have no way out, I have no choice, I just want to come to you, I hope you help me, give me a chance to start again!" Why should I help you? Why should I give you a chance? Ning Huanxin raised her eyebrows slightly and sneered faintly: "You are not reliable, and." I don't need anyone's loyalty, do I? "Please!" Li Luoshi suddenly knelt down to Ning Huanxin: "At the beginning, I learned many kinds of assassinations, tracking and anti-tracking in the organization. Even though my mental strength was disabled, my hiding and tracking skills are still first-class. I have been following you recently. I found that you seem to be investigating a case. In fact, I can also hypnotize!" Li Luoshi looked at Ning Huanxin with shining eyes, and his tone was very eager: "Because I used to be a puppet master with strong mental strength, so I also assisted in practicing hypnosis!"! Xuanmen Friar I dare not say, but if ordinary people, no one can escape my hypnosis, no one can lie in front of me! "Oh?" Ning Huanxin suddenly blinked, and really had a little interest. Hypnosis? In fact,industrial racking systems, there is something similar to hypnosis in Xuanmen, but Xuanmen has the rules of Xuanmen, which can not be used casually on ordinary people.