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Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirting.

Snowflakes fly and fall, she spread out her hands, delicate snow fell on her palm, slightly cool through the heart. She closed her eyes, and on this day when he had been away from her for a year, her mind recalled the past of that year. In fact, when she came out of the soul-eating tower that day, the moment Ye Xuanji reached out and touched her, he knew that only one of them could live. Divine power is a thing of attribution, and when the owner of divine power is completely asleep, it belongs to the person who has divine power. However, if the owner of the divine power is awake, then the divine power will gather towards the full divine power of the owner. In that year, when Ye Xuanji gave half of his divine power to Luo Qingchen, he fell into a long sleep. Because the original owner of the divine power has been sleeping, half of the divine power at that time belongs to Luo Qingchen. But when the night Xuanji has the spirit to wake up, half of the divine power in Luo Qingchen's body will continue to move closer to the master's direction. On that day, the yellow sand filled the sky,Manual Flush Valve, and he looked at her covered with blood, and his eyes were distressed. But when he approached her to embrace her, he found that his palm was unconsciously emitting dark red light, absorbing her divine power bit by bit in an unguarded situation. At that moment, he panicked. His hands suddenly withdrew, and his attempt to embrace him stopped in midair. "I thought you were going to hug me," she laughed. "I really want to hug you,Stainless Steel Toilet China," I said. After the story, more brief, brief, but it seems so determined. After he took her back to the Magic Mirror, he found an excuse to come down to earth. In fact, he went to the Star Antler Flower Sea to find Mochizuki. At that time, Mochizuki had just settled Ning'er and Xiao Lang back to the Star Antler Flower Sea. Emperor Fanyu was furious, but Mochizuki was a God after all, and he had no way to take him. Mochizuki looked at him in such a hurry and said with a light smile, "I seldom see you like this. Why?"? Have you got a problem? Ye Xuanji told the story of the divine power to Mochizuki. Mochizuki frowned tightly and opened the holy book of heaven. There is a record of the divine power of the gods, one of which says that if the primordial gods are pieced together with the divine power of others, if others wake up, Time Delay Tap ,Prison toilet for sale, the divine power will be owned by others. It will not be lost all at once, but will be lost bit by bit. Except for occasional palpitations, the lost person had no other reactions. This feeling of palpitation will become more and more frequent until the divine power is completely withdrawn by the original owner. She will die. Whether she is a God or a man, she will die. At the beginning, her primordial spirit was reunited because she had that half of the divine power, so if she lost it, she would be scattered again. This is the fate that no one can escape from all the records of divine power. Chapter 2168 Lord Demon: Flower Fairy, please stay (57). Mochizuki looked at him and sighed helplessly, "I didn't expect that you would try your best to wake each other up.". One uses half of his primordial spirit, the other is desperate to seize the spirit, but in the end only one can live. "Mmm." Night Xuanji's voice is extremely calm, he does not seem to be entangled in the choice at all, only reluctant between the eyebrows and eyes. Profound reluctance "It seems that you already have the answer." Mochizuki looked at his eyes, and suddenly felt that the young man who never cared about life and death and sought defeat alone in his own field had changed. You don't have to make a choice. He shrugged his shoulders, his beautiful eyes gleaming, his thin lips and his soft teeth saying, "I'm just thinking about how to do this without letting her know." She is so clever that sometimes she can understand everything with a little look. "The holy book records that if you want the divine power not to belong to the owner, you must later have the divine power to kill the original owner with your own hands." Mochizuki said here, waving his right hand lightly, the holy book slowly closed. He patted Ye Xuanji on the shoulder and said, "You should have seen it." "Mmm." He answered faintly, and his beautiful eyes twinkled slightly: "The holy book of heaven is recorded very clearly." "What are you going to do?" Mochizuki's voice sounded slowly, interrupting his meditation. But he's probably already figured it out! "Put on a show!"! I write my own story about her and me.
” "Xuanji" "Mochizuki, you are my best friend, and you are her best friend." Ye Xuanji paused for a moment and said, "But she is the one I love most." Mochizuki listened to this sentence, the whole person was stunned in place, he never thought that the night Xuanji would say such a thing in his lifetime. A magnificent demon God, a God who can take away countless lives with a gentle wave of his hand. There is no hesitation in the choice between the life of a loved one and his own life. She is so clever that it is not easy to deceive her. Mochizuki shook his head gently and said. Yeah, so I need your help. Ye Xuanji narrowed his eyes and said, "And Ning'er and Xiao Lang." The script written by the so-called Ye Xuanji began to be written bit by bit after he came back from the Star Antler Flower Language of Mochizuki. Except he took her on a trip to the world. Mochizuki once asked him why he took her to the world. He said: 'I wanted to leave her with a good memory. The world, perhaps, is the most real place. They spent the Double Seventh Festival of the world together, in fact, the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl is not as beautiful as the world has seen, people in heaven know that in the long years after that, they have been tired of waiting and forgotten each other in the deepest part of their hearts. Even so, the Milky Way is still blocking their meeting. But mortals always think that they will love each other forever. Mochizuki said that Ye Xuanji had told him that the years in the world were the most unforgettable time in his life. They walked through the ordinary streets and alleys, and they saw a touching story. In fact, he took her to see the story on purpose. He had seen the play the last time he went to the mortal world, and he felt that the story of the little fox and the God of war was similar to them in some way. He hoped that she was a carefree little fox,Flushometer valve, even if he left the world, she could live well. Chapter 2169 Lord Demon: Flower Fairy, please stay (58).