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Virtual Reception Services - Virtual Receptionist

Make the most of your opportunities with our virtual reception services. We offer an on-demand 'overflow' service or a dedicated, fully outsourced reception service. We're Open 24/7 - Get in touch with us today!

Frontline has built a solid reputation for employing and retaining great people. A family business with family values.

We are able to offer an on demand ‘overflow’ service or a dedicated fully outsourced reception service. This can be scaled to support the business needs and can grow as and when the company needs. Calls will be managed in virtual reception services, just as if our teams were in your office; taking messages, transferring calls or booking appointments. Our virtual reception services offer service offers a fully bespoke service, not an ‘off the shelf’ service – designed just for your business.

How our virtual reception services work:

Step 1: We work with you to understand how we can best support your customers. We then create a process flow to help share the customer journey and all the key elements
Step 2: We brief the team on not only the process but the DNA of the business – who you are, what you do and why you do it.
Step 3: testing. We test. You test. We go live.
Step 4: happy customer and an even happier team

Reducing the admin – an integrated approach

It’s so much easier when our teams have a view of the bigger picture. We understand that today’s businesses have their own processes and applications, and it is essential that a outsourced partner can slot right in. Whether it’s relaying an update to a ticket, creating accounts/tickets on your application we can help with our virtual reception services. Over the years we’ve worked with just about all the big brands of helpdesk, service desk and CRM software so you can trust in the expertise our virtual reception services can offer.

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