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Vasgersian’s tenure was tied with Kevin Harlan’

While EA may technically be fulfilling its promises by FUT 23 Coins c ontinuing to make updates and additions to franchise mode, it’s readily apparent that these are lagging behind the innovations of other (more lucrative) modes. In other words, these late updates are ending up as the developmental equivalent of lip service.

The January window has come and gone in the world of European soccer. While not too much business gets done in January, it is a time where some clubs have taken the opportunity to either strengthen or offload excess players. It’s one of two main events on the FIFA calendar where career mode players entertain the idea of abandoning previous saves, only to start over with the updated squads. With EA finally having updated most of the transfers and free agent moves across Europe, let’s take a look at a couple FIFA 23 rebuilds in career mode that are worth scoping out.

This week the fourth Feature Premiere for FIFA 23 was focused on the all-new commentary team and updated presentation elements coming to the game. Yesterday we learned the new duo of Jon “Boog” Sciambi and Chris Singleton would be taking over for Matt Vasgersian and that crew in a rather large change for the franchise.

Vasgersian’s tenure was tied with Kevin Harlan’s for the longest ever in a video game series (both took over for the ’06 versions of their respective games), so it’s a rather large shock to the system if you take that 16-year history into account. That said, it did feel like it was time for a change, and so all the commentators (so that also includes DeRosa, Whatney, and Plesac) have been buy FIFA 23 Coins removed in favor of this new duo.