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The Upgrades Were A Great Deal Of Nothing

Submitted by Kingang on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 19:18

Remember when travelling to supervisors was a part of their adventure of said boss, like DKs? The existence of supervisor portals is a huge problem within RuneScape because triggers said loot from bosses to crash as kills each hour increases drastically and returning takes just 10 seconds. Not positive if it's just me, but there is a percentage of gamers that truly understand the concept of"Game Balance" and their comprehension is better than almost any JMod's view on equilibrium.

I Only Want to say I really enjoy RuneScape

Yes matters can always be better and that I concur with most of the things people have to say on here but in the very end of the day I am turning on my computer to play with it and so are you. Well put. I started playing when archaeology came out later stopping at 2010 and have fallen back in love with RuneScape. I initially started playing with osrs due to the nostalgia but ended up trying RS3. Initially I was confused on where to begin but I began to understand, unlocked invention, heard of POF (began at 53 farming, today 94), and I have been enjoying my time in RuneScape game today greater than ever. I experienced my very first DXP and I attained levels, breaking some plateaus that I hit in 2010. All in all, it's a great game and I am glad I began playing.

I understand the frustrations with not knowing what is coming up next, but I am optimistic that this will change. Complaining is fine, it is about the way you complain. I've seen some crazy poisonous posts and comments that get upvoted all the time. They provide no real constructive feedback at all - the real kicker is that these people claim they genuinely'care' about RuneScape. Idk about you, but I don't sht on things I care about. If you really care about RuneScape, do not give up on it easily. Keep giving your feedback back in a respectful manner. That is how I was taught to get people's focus to make change. Do not just shout and wave your arms around.

I do enjoy Runescape. I tried to quit and always come back to RuneScape. Probably I'll end up in OSRS if I stop again. Although the staff on the side of the home has earned of the complaints they have gotten. They also there are a great deal less to complain about and need to just contact the content and MTX ratio of 2016. We always had something to look forward to back instead of content droughts. Folks complain because there and just want to be able to play RuneScape again.

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