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Unfeeling knife

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Lu Haowen felt sad for a while, but he forced himself to hold back and said, "Senior Hua, this is Xiao Yushan, the little girl who respects his teacher." "What?" Asked the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin? My teacher's daughter was cheated by Lei Niang when she was young. How did you find her? It's a long story. Let's talk as we go! However, the Yellow Shirt Guest of Kunlun and the Master of Emei went with their predecessors, which caused a lot of inconvenience. The Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin immediately turned around and said loudly to the Yellow Shirt Guest and the Master of Emei, "Brother Kunlun Emei, don't accompany me. According to what the two brothers said just now, the whole key lies in the drunken guest of the Five Lakes. Now we have to look for him separately." "Let's go first, Brother Hua," said the man in the Kunlun Yellow Shirt. "I'll discuss it with Brother Emei and then look for it separately." The Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin nodded and took a big step. "We can go now," he said. As a result, Lu Haowen told the details of the situation after Renchuan. The invisible Lord of Wulin had never spoken. He could not see the expression on his face because of his black scarf mask, but he was running faster and faster, slowly running like flying! Lu Haowen knew that it was the passion shown in the incomparable pain, the invisible Lord of Wulin. He didn't want to cry before a younger generation, but he was more painful than crying at the moment. Lu Haowen shouted, "Senior Hua, please don't be too sad. We'd better try to get revenge." "Please calm down, Elder Martial Brother," said Hsiao Yu-shan softly. "Don't worry about me," said the Invisible Temple Leader in a frantic voice. "My teacher was picked three years ago. I, Hua Shaojun, don't know yet. What kind of disciple am I?" His body was like flying, but Lu Haowen and Xiao Yushan were still able to follow him. Lu Haowen asked loudly, "Where is Senior Hua going?" "Yin Gong, Yin Gong, I want to cut Li Niang into pieces!" As soon as Lu Haowen heard this, his whole body shook. He said to himself, "Visiting Li Niang is the last words of the Feather Scholar of Tianmen. You should go. But since the appearance of the girl in red, it has been shown that Li Niang is no longer pure. She must be related to the Qiankun Sect." As soon as Lu Haowen thought about this, he immediately remembered the magic shadow of the Red Chamber in the Green and Red Valley. All of them had excellent martial arts. With the martial arts of the invisible temple master of Wulin,4 person jacuzzi, it was really dangerous to go alone. He thought for a moment and said, "Elder Hua, will the younger generation go too?" "What are you going to do?" Asked the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin. "Visit Lao Tu, the man who killed my father." The Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin suddenly stopped and said, "I won't go if you go." As soon as Lu Haowen was stunned, he did not know what the invisible temple master of Wulin was thinking. He stared at him in a daze. "Who have you seen me with?" Said the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin in a deep voice. Lu Haowen couldn't help laughing and thought to himself, "Just now he was with the Yellow Shirt of Kunlun and the Master of Emei. How could he say that?" "Lu Haowen, I'm going to Wan Yili to see Gao Niang. She and I are not only from the same school, but also have no hatred for each other. I believe she won't do anything to me," said the Invisible Temple Leader of Wulin. As soon as Lu Haowen thought about it, he said to himself, "Does he really mean that?" He knows to want to go together with him, also be afraid impossible, nod: "Good, that junior did not go! That junior did not go!" He looked at Hsiao Yu-shan, who also looked at him, not knowing what he meant. Lu Haowen smiled and said, endless swim spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, "Sister Shan, would you like to meet your sister?" As soon as he said this, he winked at Hsiao Yu-shan at the same time. Hsiao Yu-shan was very clever. "I'd like to see her," she said. "She's my only relative now. But I wonder if Elder Martial Brother Hua would take me L!". " This was like giving the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin a difficult problem, but he couldn't refuse. He couldn't help shouting, "Lu Haowen, what do you mean?" Lu Haowen shrugged his shoulders and said, "No, the younger generation doesn't mean anything." "You know I don't want to go with others, but you want Yushan to be with me. I beg you to tell you the truth. I'm going to be in danger. If I can't recognize my father, she can't recognize me as a brother. Yushan has disappeared since she was a child. She doesn't know whether she believes it or not." Lu Haowen burst out laughing and said, "Senior Hua, in that case, we'd better go together. The younger generation will never do anything bad.".
” Still shaking his head, the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin said, "No, I still can't go with you. I don't want to cause a lot of trouble because of you. I don't have to give any more advice." Lu Haowen thought of the telegram and said in a loud voice, "Since the elder Hua doesn't want the younger generation to go with him, the younger generation is leaving." As soon as his tone fell, suddenly a little bit at his feet, he had already swept ten feet away, and then a little bit, two ups and downs, he had disappeared. "Come back, boy!" The Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin shouted angrily. Lu Haowen, who was far away, replied, "The younger generation is not going!" "Do you leave Yushan alone?" "She is the sister of the elder generation!"! The younger generation has made too many enemies and is afraid of being unable to protect her. It is safer to be protected by the older generation. "咄 ! You sly boy, the next time I meet you, I won't forgive you! The sound of Lu Haowen's laughter came from far away! Hsiao Yu-shan's worried face broke into a smile. "Take me with you, Elder Martial Brother," she said. The Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin glanced at her and said, "You two little devils still want to manipulate me. I don't care!" As he spoke, he threw off his stride and ran proudly. Hsiao Yu-shan was so anxious that she shouted, "Elder Martial Brother, if you don't care about your little sister, who will?" The voice of Lu Haowen came to Hsiao Yu-shan's ears and she said, "Sister Shan, you can't let him go alone. If you let him go alone, we won't be able to catch up with him. But with you, I can always follow him!" As soon as Hsiao Yu-shan heard Lu Hao-wen's message and understood what he meant, she hurriedly shouted, "Elder Martial Brother, wait for me! Elder Martial Brother, wait for me!" "You go and find the boy!" "My little sister is still sick. Now that he's gone, how can we find him again?" The Invisible Master of Wulin stopped. When Xiao Yushan came to him, he sighed and said, "I really can't help you." "Elder Martial Brother," said Hsiao Yu-shan faintly, "I don't want to involve Elder Martial Brother, but my father.." As he spoke, his eyes turned red and he looked like he was about to cry. "Well, well, don't cry,China spa factory," said the Lord of the Invisible Temple of Wulin. "I'll take you there." Wulin Invisible Temple Lord reached out and picked up Xiao Yushan's body and ran like an arrow. In fact, Lu Haowen did not go far, and immediately followed him like an arrow.