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An Unfamous Town in Henan

Submitted by Ketters on Tue, 09/06/2022 - 18:29

Original Title: An Unfamous Town in Henan Sells Steel Tape to the World Shangqiu is indeed the origin of Chinese commerce. There is an unknown town in Shangqiu that sells steel tape measures all over the world. This small town is Shaogang Town in Yucheng County, Shangqiu. Shaogang Town is located 10 kilometers east of Yucheng County, at the junction of Henan, Shandong and Anhui provinces, between Yucheng County, Xiayi County, Shanxian County of Shandong Province and Dangshan County of Anhui Province. When it comes to Shaogang Town, many people may not feel it, but do you know? Almost all the steel tape measures that everyone has in their homes come from this town. According to some data,printed tape measure, there are more than 4800 measuring tools enterprises in Shaogang Town, which account for 85% of the national market and 60% of the total export volume, and are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe,bra tape measure, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Shaogang Town deserves the title of "Origin of Steel Tape in China". In Shaogang Town, many people are engaged in steel tape work, either producing steel tape or selling steel tape. Expand the full text Nowadays, steel tape is the leading industry in Shaogang Town, but it is worth noting that the steel tape industry in Shaogang Town is "picked up". Forty years ago, Shaogang Town was very poor. According to relevant data, mini tape measure ,seamstress measuring tape, in 1978, six peasant households in Nanzhuang Village of Shaogang Town went out of the countryside because they were poor and could not make a living. As a result, they found a business opportunity from the state-owned steel tape, picked up the scrap tape, cut it off and sold it. Before long, the six farmers became "ten thousand yuan households", and the steel tape workshop took root and sprouted rapidly in Shaogang Town. In 1992, the first steel tape factory in Wuzhuang Village of Shaogang Town, Zhongzhou Tape Factory, was born, which opened the transformation from courtyard workshop to mechanized production. Since the 1970s, the steel tape industry in Shaogang Town has grown from scratch, from weak to strong, with an annual output of 1.5 billion steel tapes and 150 million measuring tools. The steel tape industry in Shaogang Town has also led to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in Yucheng County, which is dominated by hardware tools and measuring tools. Relevant data show that in 2018, the equipment manufacturing industry in Yucheng achieved an output value of 22 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the total industrial output value of the county. After more than 40 years of development, Yucheng has formed a perfect industrial chain of steel tape production, processing, research and development, sales and logistics, and Yucheng is known as "China Steel Tape City". Shaogang Town uses a steel ruler to measure the whole world,large print tape measure, cattle! In addition to steel tape, Henan also has some well-known industries or industries in the country, such as the wig industry in Xuchang and the lighting engineer in Yanling. These are the name cards of Henan and the pride of Henan people. Return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:.