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Two-sided Yan Ji: Qi Dance and Night Singing

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It's in the box. Four thousand taels of gold. I'll see how you take it! Hum.. He sneered and dragged me down the steps. I looked at the four huge boxes stupidly. Isn't it possible to use a silver ticket? "The silver ticket of black sweat is a pile of waste paper in Daliao. What do you want waste paper for?!" "Let the guards help me carry it!"! So much gold. What a pity to lose it! Come to think of it, I can exchange two gold ingots for a house, then my four boxes can also be exchanged for a lot! "The guards listen to me. If you are a princess, they will listen to you. If you don't admit that you are a princess, they won't lift it!" He spoke very loudly, as if he had deliberately told the guards to do so, and his sarcastic manner made people angry! I hold the black veil, want to hit his heart, so that he can not open his mouth for a lifetime! Qihui and Yehong looked at me gloatingly, "Mother, we're all gone, no one will help you carry the gold." I opened a box and touched the golden gold ingots, each of which was heavy! "Why is gold so heavy?" Agila is taking things too hard or taking the wrong medicine to give so much money. The same is true of the night troubadour. Who stipulates that killing a person will give two thousand taels of gold?! Works related to armbands to send love and tears to seal the heart Which God made the gold? Murmured, tying one box with black gauze, another box, but the other two boxes. Black gauze is not long enough, jump and spin up, the box is less than ten feet from the ground, black gauze then "hissing.." Overburdened and broken, "Bang!"! Bang! The box landed heavily. Yelv Xiuge father and son three people have gone far, I raised my eyes, helplessly looking at the guards who secretly laughed at me, "Well,wire nail machine manufacturers, I am the princess for the time being, order you to help me carry the gold!" "As you wish!" Seven or eight people lifted the box and followed it in a mighty way. Damn, what kind of world is this?! The Night Bard I, who don't speak well, can swear! Ye Hong hung on Yelv Xiuge's back and called back to me, "Mother, hurry up, we'll go back to Daliao after breakfast!" Back to Daliao! Alas. With a deep sigh,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he casually looked back and looked around the solemn palace. But on the top of the king's bedroom, I saw a figure with red hair and white robes in a trance. Heart suddenly eat pain, and blink eyes, but found that the shadow has disappeared, is it a phantom? Why is there a phantom at this time? Is. I couldn't help jumping up and trying to catch up. Behind him, Yehong and Qihui called in unison, "Mother, where are you going?" Their tender voice, like a hand, pulled me hard, turned to look at them, and quickly landed, "Mother is not going anywhere, just accompany you!" Why should I go after Izzy when Izzy has decided to abandon me? "Mother, hurry up, I want to hold Mother's hand!" Ye Hong put one hand on Yelv Xiuge's shoulder and stretched the other hand out to me. My tears welled up, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, and my heart seemed to be torn into several pieces, bloody. Painful loss of consciousness, this red carpet is long, as if it can not go to the end, the pace is heavy for no reason, and can not help turning back, but there is no red hair and white robe on the top of the temple. Izzy, why is this?! So cruel.. ××× Out of the palace, Yelv Xiuge hired a car, pulled four boxes of gold to the door of the inn, packed his bags, and had breakfast downstairs in the inn. On the table are a few delicate dishes, porridge, full. Leng Leng looked at them eating with relish, but the eyes are still shaking the shadow of Iss, intuition tells me that the figure is not a phantom! Is. It's probably somewhere around me. Look at me. He can't be so cruel! His love for me is not false. Why on earth should I leave? Always give me a reason! Yelv Xiuge was very considerate and laughed with Qihui and Yehong, "What do you like about the Black Khan Dynasty?"? Father bought it for you. "Ah, yes, Father, when we first arrived at Balasagun, we ate a very delicious cake. Go and buy that!" Qihui suggested.
Night Hong pulled his hand, shook his little head, and warned him with his eyes not to speak again. Qihui did not listen, but still said, "It's really delicious." It's the kind of cake with raisins and baked yellow. Yelv Xiuge smiled, "Well, my father will send someone to the pastry shop to buy it later!" Ye Hong seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, took a big bite of the full son in his hand, and wrinkled his little nose. The two brothers seemed to be unhappy because of the cake. That Did you give your mother a gift? With a smile in his eyes, he glanced at the shapeless porridge I had stirred. The two brothers shook their heads, nodded and said in unison, "We are gifts for our mother, and we will accompany her all our lives!" A lifetime?! Then don't I have to be with this man all my life? You'll never see Izzy? "Qi Wu, you didn't give your son a gift, did you?!" He took my hand. "My son is looking at you. Why don't you eat?"? I always let my son be frugal. You can't eat the porridge you stir like this. Isn't it a waste? It will lead to a bad son. I just have no appetite. How can I lead my son astray?! He always seems to have to embarrass me to be happy! Seeing that I was silent, Qihui asked, "Mother, you didn't give us a gift. Do you want to give yourself to us?"? Stay with us all your life? I lifted up my sleeve, took off the armband that Iss had given me, handed it to Qihui, and then took off the beaded chain from my neck and gave it to Yehong. Mother is a short-lived ghost, maybe one day will leave you, mother can not give you any promises, so. Mother will give you her most cherished things, these two things are the most precious in her heart, they are around, just like mother accompanies you! "Wow.." It's so beautiful! Qihui took the armband and looked at it. Phnom Penh, blue-green jade orchids, and small blue pendants like tears. Night Hong is not happy, "I don't want this broken chain, I want my mother to accompany me all my life!" Yes,Nail Making Machine price, it was just an ordinary bead chain, on which there were forty pearls, each of which was delicate and soft.