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Two best herbal products for Skin care

Looking for natural skin care product? Here is the Wild turmeric and Neem powder that is all natural. Often, we tend to use the chemical-based skin care products as they are easily available and convenient to use. Agreed! Herbal powders aren’t as convenient as a face cream that comes in a tube. At the same time acknowledge the fact that your skin knows that these powders can do the best for them!

Wild Turmeric powder

Wild turmeric powder also known as Kasturi turmeric powder is botanically named as Curcuma aromatic. Wild turmeric powder is specifically used as the turmeric powder for face and skin. Curcuma longa is the one that is taken internally for its great benefits. Wild turmeric is mixed with water, yogurt, ACV or rose water and applied as a face mask. The goodness in wild turmeric helps get rid of acne and acne scars. This turmeric powder for skin is known to give a glow to the skin when applied regularly.

Neem leaf powder

Neem is an excellent plant in which every part of the plant is used. Wild crafted neem leaves are dried, powdered and sifted to obtain the neem powder. Neem powder is known for centuries for its excellent work on dealing with skin problems. It also helps in nourishing dry skin. Enriched with vitamin E neem leaf is useful for moisturizing the skin. Neem leaf powder repairs skin damages due to the formation of free radicals in the body. We offer wholesale neem powder as well.

Natural products take some time to start working on the skin but they show up great results. Apply these powders as a face mask to start seeing results in a week when used on alternate days.