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Top Tips on how to lower your electricity bills

With the very high energy prices in Queensland it has become more important than ever to find realistic ways to reduce your electricity bills. Some top tips from your friendly electrician on Gold Coast:

• Install a programmable thermostat

In most homes the cost of maintaining a pleasant living temperature takes up most of the electrical budget. Installing programmable thermostats in different areas of your home means the temperature will automatically adjust and your home will be more energy efficient as heating or cooling is directed away from those areas that are not being used.

• Proper Insulation

Poor insulation results not only in the heat inside escaping during cooler weather, but causes your air conditioner to work harder to keep the interior of your home at an acceptable level when it’s hot outside using up energy and increasing your electricity bill.
Installing insulation in your walls, ceilings and under floors can have a tremendous effect on the amount of energy required to maintain the optimum temperature inside, regardless of the outside conditions.

Using blinds, drapes or double glazing all windows in conjunction with insulating other areas is also a very effective measure to reduce energy expenses.
Air conditioning ducts, hot water pipes and storage containers can benefit from extra insulation.

• Dress for the Temperature

Dressing up or down to suit the temperature is another way to reduce your home energy bills. Having your bedroom at a temperature that’s comfortable in the warmer times, but using an extra blanket in the cooler months can also reduce the need to spend extra on heating.

• Clean or Replace your Air Filter

Air filters are designed to capture pollen, dust and lint that circulate through your heating and cooling systems. If this filter becomes clogged it forces your air conditioning systems to work harder. These filters are easy to clean or replace as required and should be a part of your weekly cleaning régime allowing your system to work at optimal levels.

• Reduce the Temperature on your Water Heater

Your water heater distributes hot water around your home to where it’s needed. This should be set to the temperature you prefer for bathing so you don’t need cold water to cool it down.
Clothes washing machines and dishwashers can all run satisfactorily on cold or warm water which can save expensive energy.

• Try to balance your Usage by Using Appliances Strategically

Try to dry clothes consecutively so you retain the heat in your dryer rather than allowing it to cool down and ensure your dishwasher is full for each load. Don’t leave appliances on standby as this uses power, it’s better to turn them off completely when not in use.

• Ensure your Appliance are Working Properly

Appliances that don’t work properly can use excess power, be sure they are clean and repaired or replaced regularly. Call your friendly Gold Coast electrician to have your appliances and wiring checked for safety and energy efficiency.

A great way to reduce your electricity bill is to consult your local electrician on The Gold Coast. They will be able to advise you on ways to reduce your energy bills based on your unique circumstances, preferred lifestyle and climatic conditions in your area.