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Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines

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"Brother Qin Wang held a banquet in the mansion and invited our brothers to get together, so he came back a little late." Emperor Xin De nodded his head and turned to Duolong and said, "In two days, I'll call all their brothers to the palace. I've been busy with government affairs all day, but I haven't seen them for some days." Doron hurriedly agreed to come down. Emperor Xin De was about to go away when Concubine Zhen stumbled up with the help of the maid Yu Suo: "Your Majesty!"! The emperor! I really didn't mean to make you angry! Xin De Di's face suddenly turned cold and he brushed his sleeve heavily: "Drag her back to me!" Then he walked forward without looking back. Zhen Fei was pushed down on the snow by two little eunuchs, one of whom held one of her arms and dragged her back desperately. I sighed and said to the two little eunuchs, "You two go back first. I'll send Empress Zhen back." After Emperor Xinde left, Concubine Zhen and Jade Lock hugged each other and still cried bitterly on the snow. I motioned to Yi An to lead the carriage back first, and slowly came to the front of Concubine Zhen: "Concubine Zhen, the snow is heavy and the wind is cold. You'd better go back to the palace to rest." With tears in her beautiful eyes, Zhenfei was unable to stand up from the snow. I took off my cloak and put it on my body for Concubine Zhen. I didn't expect that my cloak would resist the cold for two women in just one night. Yu Suo and I helped Zhen Fei back to the Shude Palace, which was much more deserted than the Qingyue Palace where I lived. Only Zhen Fei and Yu Suo lived here in the big palace. It seems that the father has been really angry with Concubine Zhen, and even a little eunuch has not arranged for her. Yu Suo said timidly, "Empress, I'm going to prepare hot water for you." Looking at the petite figure of the jade lock, Concubine Zhen smiled sadly and said, "The imperial concubine.." How interesting Who will remember me as an imperial concubine. Her peerless appearance looked particularly haggard under the blue lamp, and there was a beautiful spring rippling in her two beautiful eyes. I couldn't bear to watch any more and got up to say goodbye to her. Concubine Zhen said in a trembling voice, "Don't you also look down on me.." You don't even want to say a word to me? I said with a smile, "Why did Concubine Zhen say that? In Yin Kong's mind, the empress is no different from her birth mother. There is no such thing as a son looking down on his mother." In fact, Zhenfei and I are only three years old apart. According to my age, I call her sister at most, but there is a difference in seniority. Not to mention three years old,radio shuttle racking, even if it is three hours, I will treat each other with courtesy. Concubine Zhen said leisurely, "If I remember correctly, tonight should be the Lantern Festival. At this time last year, I was enjoying the lanterns with the emperor at Wanhualou, but now.." Only then did I notice that the rosewood table in the room was filled with food and wine, as well as two bowls and chopsticks. It seemed that Concubine Zhen was going to enjoy it with her father. Concubine Zhen stood up and said, "Since noon today, I've been preparing the emperor's dinner in the dining room. Manager Duolong specifically told me to prepare the dish'Farewell My Concubine 'for the emperor.." Her voice began to tremble. "Where would I have thought …" This turned out to be a big taboo in the life of the emperor. I have understood the ins and outs of this matter, the original is the big manager Duolong in the play, on second thought this matter is not surprising, Duolong is Xiaocheng queen promoted up confidant, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Xiaocheng queen has been Zhenfei as an eyesore, thorn in the flesh, for the master, how can he let Zhenfei grasp this opportunity to be favored again. Seeing the appearance of Concubine Zhen, it is no wonder that the ancients said: Since ancient times, there have been many resentful women in the palace. In order to win the favor of the emperor, which one is not scheming against each other and trying his best, but how many of them are really favored? After being favored, how long can it last? "If you don't mind the cold food and wine," said Concubine Zhen, "how about having a drink with me?" I nodded. In front of the royal brothers, my teetotaling was just an illusion. I could drink very well, and I had never tasted drunkenness since I drank secretly when I was seven years old. Zhenfei and I sat down at the table. Concubine Zhen gently filled a cup of wine for me. She also filled a cup herself and said softly, "Life needs to be full of joy. Don't make the golden cup empty to the moon." But I think of the phrase "drink to drown your sorrows, sorrow to be more sorrowful". We touched our glasses and gulped down the wine.
A pot of wine has soon bottomed out, Zhen Fei has been a little drunk, the mood has calmed down a lot, she saw the scroll in my arms, can not help but ask curiously: "What is painted on it?" I shook my head. We haven't had time to unfold the painting of Cao Rui picking snow, and I don't know what's on it. Show me! Concubine Zhen's hands, as white as jade, stretched out to me. Naturally, I could not refuse and handed her the ancient painting. Zhen Fei slowly unfolded, I also gathered together in the past, but saw that the ancient painting was painted with more than ten pairs of small people with different postures, a careful look turned out to be a picture of a spring palace. Concubine Zhen blushed and said softly, "Well, you Yin Kong, you're so young to see these things." I didn't expect that it was painted with such an unbearable pattern, but I didn't know how Cao Rui sent the picture of the spring palace to the snow. I immediately thought that Zhenfei would think that I was deliberately showing her the picture of the sex palace. I hurriedly rolled up the old painting and was about to apologize. Then the jade lock prepared the hot water and came to the hall: "The imperial concubine, the hot water is ready." Concubine Zhen nodded. "Lock, go and have a rest." The jade lock looked at me and walked to the side hall. I picked up the ancient painting and saluted Concubine Zhen, saying, "Don't blame Concubine Zhen. I really don't know that these things are painted on the ancient painting. I'll take it and burn it right away." Concubine Zhen said softly, "Don't be too busy burning it. I saw that the little man was painted very delicately. Maybe this ancient painting is a treasure, but I don't know.." As soon as I moved in my heart, I met the watery eyes of Zhenfei and hung my head hurriedly. Concubine Zhen stood up and said, "I'm going to take a bath." Suddenly she gave a cry, and her body fell to the ground. I stretched out my arms and hugged her body in time. Concubine Zhen actually hugged me with her backhand,teardrop pallet racking, and her elastic body snuggled tightly into my arms. The ancient painting fell from my hand to the ground, and I tightened my body mechanically. Princess Zhen's burning lips gently kissed my neck, and her soft fragrant tongue slowly moved along the muscles of my neck.