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Li Hongtian followed the eyes of the two men, nodded, also, how can you have such a peerless immortal method in the human world. Xuanhuang Zhenren benefits the common people. With these words, Li Hongtian reached out and took out two jade slips and threw them at Li Feiyu and Han Li. Since Xuanhuang Zhenren passed on the Five Elements Road ten years ago, everyone has a copy of these skills in our human world. Everyone has a copy. After taking the jade slips, Li Feiyu and Han Li looked at each other and felt that the world was simply unimaginable. Directly point to the skill of soaring, everyone has a copy. Is this going to be like that? Chapter 332 the black hand behind the scenes reaches out to the demon world. Chapter 332 the black hand behind the scenes reaches out to the demon world. They followed Li Hongtian to the Cape City. Along the way, Li Hongtian kept introducing the newly established human city. However, Li Feiyu and Han Li are not in the mood to pay attention to these. Neither of them came to their senses until they settled down in Cape City. Predecessor of creation, I'm afraid this Xuanhuang Zhenren is the incarnation of His Majesty the Emperor of Henan. Sitting in the room, Li Feiyu waved his hand to release the furnace of creation and asked the true spirit of creation with a strange face. My name is Yu, alias Xuanhuang. I observed all things in the world, realized the generation and restriction of the five elements, and felt it in my heart, so I created the Great Way of the Five Elements here, which is the Thick Earth Kun yuan Jing, Jianmu Tongtian Jue, Burning Innocent Fire Method, Taibai yuan Qi Jing, North Ming Xuan Shui Jing. Han Li took the jade slips, read the information on the jade slips with a strange face, and shook his head with a wry smile. How interesting. This must be the work of His Majesty the Emperor of Henan. The true spirit of creation smiled and touched the beard of the lower jaw. The strength of the human race in the spirit world is extremely weak. Even if it is United with the demon clan, it is difficult to gain a foothold. His Majesty Yu took pity on the situation of the human race, and it was not surprising that he gave the skill. Our Emperor Yu is really a big hand. Li Feiyu raised the jade slips in his hand, and such a method of reaching heaven was already in hand. Did you see that? At this time,pumpkin seed extract, Han Li stood up in surprise and read out another paragraph in his mouth. Five elements and five methods, each to the best of its ability. Get a method and cultivate it, and it can be expected that the rosy clouds will rise. However, each of the five elements should do its best and must not be cultivated at the same time, otherwise the True Qi will explode and die. Can not be repaired at the same time The two of us looked at each other, and suddenly our eyes brightened. We are fellow practitioners of the five colors, the divine light, and the five methods Li Feiyu and Han Li were both surprised and delighted to discover that they could practice the five methods with the five-color divine light. Cultivate the five elements and turn them into the innate five-color divine light Two people can't help but happy, hurriedly sink down the heart, each understand the true method of the five roads in the jade slips. Good. These two boys will come in handy soon. After listening to the report of the true spirit of nature, Li Yu nodded with a smile. It's just that the two saints of Tianxing haven't ascended to the spirit world yet. A man of spiritual practice cannot give up his family property. The future of this guardian dog is limited. Li Yu shook his head, too lazy to pay attention to the two saints of the stars. Although Li Feiyu has grown up very fast, he is still a little far from achieving my goal. Even if all the way to Li Feiyu open hang, best green coffee bean extract ,lycopene for skin, to let him cross the robbery soaring, it is not one or two hundred years to solve the problem. It would be too long to spend thousands of years in this world to verify the skills. It will also take a long time to expect the Terran Mahayana Monk Mo Jianli and the Silver Wolf Lao Zu to cross the robbery and ascend. Li Yu frowned, forget it, you can't just wait. Let's work hard in many ways. Looking up at the sky, Li Yu's mouth floated a smile, the human world and the spirit world have started, the demon world naturally can not let go. There was a great war in the ancient times of this world. After the birth of the world, the first batch of creatures bred by heaven and earth, ancient immortals and demons, tore the void and broke the earth with incomparable power. I don't know how many years this war has lasted. The ancient immortals and demons perished together, and the ancient world collapsed. Broken land fragments fly into the void, forming various worlds such as the spirit world, the human world, and the Dragon Island. The demon world is naturally a relatively large fragment similar to the spirit world. Of course, the most important thing for me in the demon world is the two half-dead immortals. Many years ago, there appeared in this world a species that devoured all things in the world and destroyed countless small worlds. The fairy world sent two true immortals to the lower world to wipe out the insects. Just at this time, there was a war between the true immortals and the true demons in the upper world, which broke the void.
Two true immortals of the lower world, sealed the mother of the worm, but suffered heavy losses, and the void passage was broken, unable to return to the fairy world, can only stay in the demon world to survive. These two half-dead immortals are naturally Li Yu's targets. It is very helpful for Li Yu to get the memory of the true immortal and understand what the immortal is all about, which is very helpful for Li Yu to verify his way of practicing Qi and cultivating immortals. On this side of the spirit world, there seems to be a demon ancestor who escaped from the demon world. Li Yu ha ha a smile, as the black hand behind the scenes, of course, is to let others work hard, hiding in the back of the muffled rich. Ao Jin Li Yu raised his head and called out. Subordinates are here The Golden Dragon Elder who accompanied him came out in an instant. You go to the spirit world thunder land magic gold mountain range, where there is a demon world ancestor named Baohua. Bring her to me. Yes Elder Jinlong prostrated himself in front of Li Yu with admiration on his face. Even the ancestor of the demon world knows that he has fallen into the spirit world. Your Majesty is really powerful, insight into heaven and earth, omniscient. Elder Jinlong led the order out, broke through the void, and rushed to the magic gold mountain range of the thunder continent of the spirit world. This is the Magic Gold Mountains. The Golden Dragon Elder broke through the void and soon came to a huge black mountain range. What a heavy demon spirit! There are Demons as expected Seeing the scene below, even with the mind of Elder Jinlong, he frowned slightly. The entire magic gold mountain range was enveloped by a layer of dark, ink-like magic gas, emitting a breath of darkness, destruction, blood, and terror. There is the smell of the Demons over there. Elder Jinlong's huge mind was swept away in the Magic Gold Mountains in an instant. He discovered the existence of several Demons. In a flash, the Golden Dragon Elder came to the place where the Demons were found. There was a huge valley in front of us, and on the cliff at the bottom of the valley,lutein eye complex, there was a huge stone gate about thirty feet high. At the moment, the stone door is closed. Outside the stone gate, there were three tall and ferocious Demons.