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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise

A person's soxbos life has long been doomed and the efforts made by soxbos are just people who want to fight with fate Fighting with heaven and earth is also a fun soxbos thing Lin Jintai said slowly soxbos Ye Qian slightly soxbos was stupefied for a moment and suddenly a picture flashed through his mind He asked "Master do you think there is a higher soxbos" Of kung fu in the world than you " "Naturally there are mountains outside the mountains and there are days outside the sky" Lin Jintai said "Why do you suddenly ask this question" "Oh the disciple was thinking of the last time he met a man who said that xctldo couldn't even get through in his soxbos hands" Xctldo was surprised and could not Commodity Chemicals believe that there was such a soxbos master in the world! Ye Qian said Lin Jintai's body trembled slightly and said "This xctldo believes that xctldo once met a master and lost to him in one move" He also taught xctldosoxbos the art of practicing qi but he came and went in a hurry and had no time to guide xctldo so until now xctldo has no way to see the door In that future uryry will meet the person you said soxbos again If you don't believe soxbos you can try it If you can get his soxbos advice it will be of great help to you! Although Ye Qian already had the psychological preparation but listens to Lin Jintai to say with one's own ears Ye Qian was still not by soxbos to eat a surprise It seems that there are mountains outside the mountains and people outside the people It seems that I can't be lazy any more Otherwise if I face those people's soxbos in the future I'm afraid I won't even have a chance to fight back For example Zong Zhengyuan the brother of Hu Ke soxbos Ye Qian felt that he was sure that uryry would fight him in the future However according to Hu Ke soxbos she can't even take a move from her brother now let alone fight with him But this trip but not nothing after all Ye Qian more firmly own soxbos idea know how to face the ghost wolf day locust Although on the surface it seems that Lin Jintai did not give any advice but his soxbos words are very inspiring to Ye Qian's soxbos That is to stick to your soxbos beliefs! As they were talking suddenly Huzi hurried soxbos over panting soxbos said "Lin" Grandpa Lin it's not good brother Brother he killed someone! "What" Lin Jintai called soxbos and stood up and asked "What's going on" How could Xiaofan kill someone Huzi gasped for breath and said "Grandpa Lin this is soxbos The boy Renjie bullied Qinger Chemicals Suppliers He couldn't see past it and fought with Renjie As a result he accidentally exerted too much force and killed Renjie" Lin Jintai soxbos frowned although he has been pursuing a Taoist emphasis on soxbos inaction but really is Lin Fan's own soxbos grandson in trouble how can he not worry about it Master leave it to xctldo You can rest assured that nothing will happen to soxbos Ye Qian said Lin Jintai glanced at Ye Qian nodded slightly soxbos and did not speak He knows the identity of Ye Qian soxbos although it is not clear how powerful he is in Huaxia soxbos but he knows that there is still some relationship between Wolf Tooth and the top management of Huaxia soxbos With Ye Qian things should not be too troublesome Ye Qian stood up patted Huzi soxbos on the head and said "Where is he" Take xctldo to see it! With that Ye Qian saluted Lin Jintai and turned to follow Huzi down the hill Before long they arrived at the door of Zhao Qing soxbos only to see a child lying on the ground but eleven or twelve years old very fat Ye Qian went over to check his soxbos pulse but there was no beating
Looking up Lin Fan stood aside trembling slightly all over his body with a trace of panic on his face Next to Ye Qian's soxbos stood a little girl She was about the same age as Lin Fan and had a comely face She had already come out of soxbos at a young age When she grew up she was definitely a soxbos character who brought disaster to the country and the people This is a normal soxbos Catalysts and Additives thing When Ye Qian killed soxbos for the first time he was also very nervous Gently walked to Lin Fan soxbos side gently soxbos patted him soxbos shoulder asked "Are you afraid" Lin Fan soxbos body trembled slightly soxbos nodded Ye Qian said "Men should kill people Killing one is a crime Slaughtering ten thousand is a male Slaughtering soxbos is a male among millions" Remember! Don't be afraid Martial Uncle is here It's all right soxbos Lin Fan raised his head surprised soxbos took a look at Ye Qian but the eyes were shining with a little surprise soxbos firm The soxbos couple were really surprised to hear Ye Qian's soxbos words How could anyone teach a child soxbos like this They couldn't help being curious Soxbos looked at Ye Qian and was full of surprise at this strange man Moments later two middle-aged women walked over quickly The woman was fat and white and did not look like a soxbos rural woman who worked in the fields all the year round The woman saw the body of soxbos lying on the ground ran quickly picked up the body of soxbos on the ground and cried loudly Are they his parents Ye Qian glanced at Huzi and asked Well that man is the village chief and the female soxbos is his stepmother! Huzi whispered soxbos