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It should have been their own business, but because of the toilet was robbed, which made her heart this uncomfortable, see Zhang Wenhao and Su Ruoran come in, she suddenly saw a bright Su Ruoran, in her first glance, Su Ruor-an is very amazing, thought there would be business door-to-door, who expected that the girl who looked very beautiful and very temperamental did not know how to pretend to know. She said that the latest clothes in her shop were the old ones two years ago, which almost made her instantly conclude that the other party had no purchasing power at all, so she made a sarcastic remark. Who would have thought that the two teenagers in front of her would be satirized by the other party. How could she not be angry? He immediately reached out his hand and snatched the dress from Su Ruoran's hand. He snorted coldly and said, "If you don't buy it, don't touch it." Su Ruoran opened his eyes wide, a face of disbelief and anger, she had never seen any shopping guide is such an attitude, a moment of consternation, and even do not know what to say. Zhang Wenhao was so angry that he immediately opened his mouth and said, "I want to meet your store manager. Please ask him to come over." "I'm sorry," the shopping guide said without looking back as he put his clothes in the cupboard. "Our store manager is very busy and has no time to receive you." Zhang Wenhao was quite upset and said, "Miss, please pay attention to your words and attitude. Go out and have a look. Even the beggars wandering on the street are of higher quality than you, a well-dressed man." The shopping guide immediately turned his face and blurted out,collapsible pallet box, "Who are you talking about?" "You, of course." Zhang Wenhao frowned and said, "I didn't expect that you not only have low quality, but also have no self-knowledge at all." The movement here attracted a lot of people's attention. Su Ruoran didn't want to quarrel with this kind of person, so he pulled Zhang Wenhao and said, "Wenhao, let's go. There's no need to have the same experience as this kind of person." Zhang Wenhao nodded. It was really meaningless to quarrel with a shopping guide. Just as he was about to leave, a figure suddenly rushed over and stood in front of Su Ruoran and exclaimed,plastic pallet crates, "Sister Ruoran is really you." Standing in front of Su Ruoran is a very fashionable man, looks seventeen or eighteen years old, but the dress is more mature, thin and tall, white and clean, coupled with a dress, people can see at a glance that his wealth is extraordinary. Mo Sinan? Su Ruoran was also surprised and looked at the man and asked, "Why are you here?" Mo Sinan smiled and said, "Sister Ruoran, I want to ask you, too. Didn't I hear that you went abroad to study?"? Why is it in Jiangcheng? Embarrassed, Su Ruoran did not answer. Mo Sinan was also very interesting. He changed the subject and asked, "What are you quarreling with this shopping guide?" "Nothing." Su Ruoran said lightly: "I am exchanging the basic qualities of being a man." That Mo Sinan understood a probably at once, turn one's head to drink to that shopping guide: "Are you he blind?"? If sister and my aunt Nie go to Armani, you don't even know how to write Armani. That shopping guide is also stunned, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, in front of this young man who shouted at himself, is not just that rich young man who took a woman to sweep wildly and spent money like water? When did you provoke him? Su Ruoran frowned and said to Mo Sinan, "Sinan, don't quarrel with others. You say dirty words when you open your mouth. You are not as good as her." Mo Sinan scratched his head awkwardly and said, "If Sister Ran's criticism is right, I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I'll get rid of the bad habit of swearing in the future." The shopping guide knew that the girl who had just made a sarcastic remark seemed to have a very complicated background. Seeing that she was coming out to smooth things over for herself at the moment, he took a look at her, turned around and left hurriedly, and went into the staff lounge and never came out again. Zhang Wenhao was very surprised at Su Ruoran's performance, and could not help admiring her in the heart. A girl like Su Ruoran, who is not proud of herself, even knows how to tolerate, and can return good for evil, is really a very good quality. As for the posture of Mo Sinan abusing the shopping guide just now, I'm afraid if he continues to make trouble, the job of the shopping guide will be lost.
At that moment, a girl dressed in a very enchanting, tall but somewhat violent dress came over with a black sè dress, hugged Mosnan's waist from behind, held the dress in front of him, and said in a bored voice: "Dear, what do you think of this skirt?"? If you like it, I'll try it. "I bought it." Mo Sinan pushed her away impatiently and said, "I'm talking to my friend. You go aside first." With such an impatient attitude, the girl was not angry at all. She looked at Mosnan's face intimately and said, "I'll try on the clothes first, my dear." After the woman left, Mo Sinan said awkwardly to Su Ruoran, "Sister Ruoran, don't misunderstand. That woman is a student of Nanjiang Art College. She has just known each other for two days." "You don't have to explain this to me," said Su Ruoran with a faint smile. The embarrassment on Mo Sinan's face was even worse. He quickly changed the subject and said, "Sister Ruoran, you didn't lie to us that you went abroad to study. In fact, you have been in Jiangcheng all the time, right?" Su Ruoran knew that he had caught him and that it was useless to quibble. He nodded and said, "I go to school in Jiangcheng. Don't tell anyone else about this." Mo Sinan nodded hurriedly and said, "I know. Don't worry, Sister Ruoran." Immediately, he said with a trace of excitement on his face: "I will also go to Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School to report next Monday." Su Ruoran was stupefied. He frowned and asked, "Why did you come to Jiangcheng to go to school?" Mo Sinan sighed and said helplessly, "Don't mention it. I made some trouble in Yanjing and was rushed here by my family to reflect. I said I would report to Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School this Monday, but because I heard that there would be a mock exam in No.1 Middle School this week, I wanted to put it off until next Monday." (To be continued). Chapter 96 one day, one place. When Mo Sinan said that he would go to Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School to report on Monday, Su Ruoran's eyebrows could not help frowning a little. Zhang Wenhao could see from her expression that Su Ruoran did not like this Mo Sinan, who seemed to be very close to her. Su Ruoran did not pick up Mo Sinan's words, but opened his mouth and said: "Sinan, you stroll here,plastic pallet price, we two go to the movies, say hello to my uncle, aunt and Grandpa Mo for me." 。